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Get to Know Monolithic and Hybrid Integrated Circuits

The advent of Integrated Circuit (IC) is a major breakthrough in the field of electronics industry. The field of the electronics moved towards microelectronics with the reduction in the size of the components drastically with further development of technology over the years. Integrated circuits have seen various trends and many developments. Initially, they were manufactures […]

Pressure Sensing System and Its Applications

Pressure Sensing Systems A pressure sensing system is one aimed to provide better healthcare and lowering the health care costs, which is achieved with combining pressure sensors with micro controllers and communication technology. Manipulating the real-time pressure signal can make physicians to check drug administration, signs and patient compliance. In home use pressure-sensing system is […]

The Reverse Parking Assist System

Reverse Parking systems are designed to steer a vehicle automatically when you are performing it. The work of the driver is that he just needs to put his foot on the brake to adjust the speed with the brake. When any object is in vehicle blind spot, the system will help the driver sense and avoid accidents that cause by the vehicles that are backing up.

Who Uses Mainframe Computers?

Mainframe computers play vital role in large-scale industries for processing their daily business operations. Simply put, mainframes are the heart of businesses in processing data world. Large companies such as banks and financial enterprises, health industry, government organizations, schools, insurance and utility industries and other private sectors use mainframes because of its availability, security and […]

Know About the Electric Car Nissan Leaf

The electric car runs with the electric motors. These cars are a plug in battery powered automobile, and are eco friendly. Popular brands in the electric cars include the Baker Electric, the Rauch and Lang, and the Detroit Electric. Nissan leaf is an electric hatch back and is the first of all the electric cars […]

WAN Optimization Accelerates Application Performance

Faster application performance ensures that a business effectively renders quality services to its employees and customers. WAN optimization is essential to businesses that are using network applications at its headquarters to stay in touch with branches at remote locations through WAN. WAN optimization enhances the application performance by techniques like bandwidth management, caching, compression, and […]

Increase in Penetration of IP telephony among SMBs in next 12 months: New Survey from Star

According to a survey from ISP Star which was conducted amongst more than 100 UK businesses examining attitudes towards IP telephony has found that the SMBs are predicted to rise with speed over the next year in the take up of VoIP. As per the survey, 41 percent of businesses with 100 or fewer employees […]

Cyber-Smarty.Com Focuses on Creating Awareness About Online Security

Released By: is providing useful information on various aspects of Internet to create awareness about online security. provides useful information on various aspects of Internet to create awareness about online safety and help people with their Internet queries. started with a goal to educate people to protect themselves online. Its objective […]