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All about Astrophotography

Photography has a vital role in astronomy. Observational astrology can be carried only at night times, which restricts the available time to only 12 hours. So in order to utilize the rest of the day astronomers take photograph of the sky during the day. This may sound a bit professional but it is not so. […]

$35 Millions For A Second-Trip To Space

What do you do when you liked a movie? I don’t know about the wise and the mad, but an average human being tries to watch it again and again, till he gets bored of watching it. If it is the case with movie, what can be the case with the mighty space station rotating […]

Paleontologist Faces Theft Charges For His Discovery

There are many great people in the world whose greatness isn’t given proper identity. It is OK. It may happen to anyone, and people are used to it. But what if those people face conviction due to their inventions or discoveries? Very insane, isn’t it? We have here a similar case of some paleontologist who […]

Truth About Parasite In Humans

Nowadays parasite is not just a problem faced by animals it has also become a problem in humans. It has been estimated that 85 to 95% of people globally are now infested by different types of parasites. Infestations of the parasite may do any or all of 6 things: Cause physical damage to the body […]

All about Robertsonian Translocation

Robertsonian translocation is a kind of chromosomal rearrangement that occurs within five acrocentric human chromosome pairs, namely 13, 14, 15, 21 and 22. They are named after the American geneticist insects WRB Robertson, who first described a Robertsonian translocation in grasshoppers in 1916. They are also called the whole arm or transfers focused on the […]

Are Batteries, the Barriers of Portable Revolution?

Batteries are the energy providers of portable objects. You need battery for your laptop, you need battery for your car lights and horns, you need battery for your mobiles, and even for your TV remotes. How can those poor things work without batteries supplying power to them? Then why are they said to be barriers […]