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What is Tradition?

Tradition as described by Alice Horner is passing of the custom or thought process from one generation to another. It also refers the process of passing down of these things to another generation. Tradition in Latin language means “something handed over”. Let us examine the origin of this concept of tradition in European world. This […]

Do You Tolerate Less Standards?

Your Standards are what you tolerate. Maintaining standards is a critical management philosophy that will assist you in driving towards high performance. When your employees are not performing, here are the steps you can take to analyze why that performance is lower than the standard. When employees are not performing, the first place to look […]

Everyone Can’t Make Friends Easily

Some people have an opinion being alone is a good experience. Some people feel very embarrassing in speaking to the strangers and they have only few friends but they want to make friends. Making friends is simple for one who can speak to strangers as if she is speaking to a friend, but for some […]

Adopt Healthy Life Style For Weight Control

If you are interested in getting a frequent weight loss then you should follow a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can be maintained by proper eating habits and adequate exercises. Generally weight gain makes people mentally sick and tired of their flabby abs so to terminate the tension of overweight or obesity here are present […]

How to Say Goodbye to Your Best Friend That Is Moving

Giving sendoff to a close pal is painful. Especially, if he or she is very close to you like as your parents or siblings. Last month I gave send off to one of my roommates. He was moved to Chicago apartments. These are the some tips to say goodbye to your best friend when he […]

“Banning Cell Phones While Driving”: Does It Work?

A safety council is advocating a total ban on cell phone usage while driving. I don’t know whether it works out with people. People are so addicted to these electronic devices, that they can’t keep their mobiles shut down till they stop driving. And simultaneously they don’t want to pull down a car to attend […]