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Gardening tips for beginners

Nothing can take our eyes off from a beautiful garden. Gardening is becoming more and more a necessity now-a-days because it not only adds color toour home but keeps our mind & body relaxed with its beauty. Those days are gone where people used to have custom designed gardens that are meant only for earthen […]

How to Utilize Empty Spaces in Your Home for Gardening

Are you a garden lover, but because you don’t have a garden you are giving up the idea of gardening? Well, then here comes the solution. With the small and empty spaces in and around your house you can explore some great ideas on gardening. You can use every single left over space in your […]

Outdoor Gardening Improvisation Tips

Outdoor gardening is a practice of growing and cultivating plants out side the home in the open air. Here are some tips to improve outdoor gardening. The improvisation tips starts from planting a tree to maintaining after plantation. Select location for the plantation that should be free of power lines. Location should be provided with […]

Indoor Gardening and Floor Maintenance

Are you an indoor home gardener and worried about the flooring and its maintenance? Never bother about it, because we are there here to solve your problem with this article. Many people love indoor gardening but their major concern is their floor or countertops where they place the plants may be damaged when they keep […]

Different Material Choices for a Garden Greenhouse

Greenhouse is a structure built especially for growing plants protecting them from extreme weather conditions. It has specific features which ensures an ability to control the temperature. Hence, fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, shrubs, etc. can be grown irrational to the seasonal variations. If you are interested to erect one such greenhouse garden to your house, […]

What are the Different types of Garden Planters?

All of us wish to have a beautiful garden area in our home. Home owners having a larger outside open area can create a garden enhancing the aesthetic appearance of their home. However, some people have limited space and some other wish to have gardening plants indoors. Garden planters are the best solution for such […]

The Best Summer Flowering Plants for Your Garden

It is required to maintain your garden throughout the year to retain the beauty. Most of us think that the hot and sweltering weather of summer creates a havoc to the garden plants. However. specific flowering plants make your garden more beautiful in summer. Shrubs with thick foliage and lush growth are the best additions […]

Vertical Gardening – An Elegant Gardening Style

Adding unique styles to your garden upgrades its appearance. Vertical gardening is an elegant garden style that promotes gardening through various resources and allows plants to extend upward instead of growing along the garden surface. Different materials like stakes, cages and other vertical supports are used in vertical gardening. Plants such as ivy are considered […]