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Teeth staining : Types and reasons

Good oral hygiene plays an important role in keeping the teeth healthy and white. People who have stained teeth feel very uncomfortable to smile or even to talk in front of others because they do not feel good to open their mouth. When teeth get stained they no more have bright white appearance, instead the […]

Benefits Of Having Dental Braces on Your Teeth

Dental braces impart many health benefits by improving the dental hygiene and ultimately resulting in reduced risk of oral diseases. Crooked teeth, misaligned teeth often leads to buildup of food particles between teeth which results in development of film of bacteria on tooth surfaces and increase in plaque. Plaque is one of the contributor to […]

Prognathism – Types, Causes and Diagnosis

Prognathism is a condition in which protruding of either of the upper or lower jaws is caused by the structural abnormalities of the face. It is the type of genetic jaw disorder. Types of prognathism Alveolar prognathism: Alveolar prognathism is a condition in which tooth socket protrudes from the lower jaw. In this type of […]

Natural Remedies for Gum Diseases

Gum diseases are due to the formation of plaque between the teeth. The early stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. If it is untreated it becomes severe and is called periodontitis. To treat gum diseases at an early stage you need to follow some home remedies. In this article we will discuss some of […]

Dental Bonding Treatment and Precautions

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry treatment carried out to repair the teeth which are decayed, dis-colored and fractured and this is also performed to re-shape teeth. Procedure is easy than dental veneers treatment, as you have to visit the dentist only once. It is called as bonding because tooth colored composite materials used during […]

Bruxism – Teeth Grinding Solutions

Bruxism is a medical term for teeth grinding. Teeth grinding means grinding or clenching the teeth. If teeth grinding is done occasionally it does not damage the teeth, but if done regularly some complications may arise. Teeth grinding is caused when people are feeling stressed out or when they are in sleep. Bruxism is generally […]

Types and Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is used during dental surgeries to relax the patient. Sedation dentistry uses anesthetics to anesthetize the area where surgery is being done. Sedation dentistry helps the patient to relax without any pain during surgery. Types of dental sedatives are: Inhaled sedatives: Inhaled sedatives are local anesthetics administered through nose. In this, sedation is […]

What is Tooth Erosion?

Tooth enamel is the hardest and shiny layer of the teeth. It is the protective layer of the tooth. Enamel covers dentin, the layer that is not as hard as enamel. If the enamel erodes, the tooth/teeth loses its protective layer and becomes more prone to infections. Saliva helps strengthen the teeth and also in […]