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Extended Car Warranties and Their Benefits

Extended car warranties are purchased by customers when their car warranty time is finished over time from the third party. This is not provided by the car manufacturers directly, instead you need to purchase it from them once the time is over or else you can also buy it from third-party provider. Extended car warranties […]

Change Your Car Brake Pads Following Easy Steps

Looking for changing your car’s brake pads? Need some help. The task is easy. We furnish here a few easy and simple steps to help you all the way in changing the brake pads of your car. For this, you need to go through these easy steps and follow them. Purchase the correct brake pads […]

Safety Features for Kids in Car

When you are driving in with your kids, you must take precautions to protect them from getting injured unknowingly. Here are some some features that will help your kids get protection. LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers) LATCH system will keep your kid safe without the help of seat belts to hold your child. It is […]

Emergency Braking System

Imagine you are driving uphill, and you need to pull aside for a little rest. But you don’t find a plain surface and since it’s a hill, the roads and roadsides are sloping. So, how do you get out of the car after pulling aside? Here is where an emergency braking system comes in handy. […]

Know all About Fuel Economy and Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Fuel economy: Fuel economy of a vehicle refers to the efficiency of the fuel and the relationship between the distance traveled by the vehicle and the amount of fuel consumed or distance traveled per unit volume of fuel consumed. Fuel efficient vehicles: As per the American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy annual vehicle rating […]

Types of Shock Absorbers

They also help parts such as the engine, the axle last longer. Basic twin tube The twin tube contain to nested cylindrical tubes. One is called the working tube and the other is called the reservoir. Both the tubes contain hydraulic fluid. A piston is inserted into the inner tube and the piston cap has […]

The Automatic Transmission System

The automatic transmission system is one that can shift gear ratios as the vehicle is moving without having to do the job manually. While the manual transmission system requires one to press the clutch, detach the engine contact and then shift the gear, the automatic transmission requires none. The main difference between a manual and […]

Technical Features of Air-Cooled Engines

Air-cooled engines reduce heat produced using air-flow. To facilitate this, the engines have fins that connect the internal parts which get heated, to the outside, so that air can flow over them keeping the insides cool. The air used for this purpose is either directly got from the air in-flow while traveling, or a fan […]