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Saas Implementation in Business Activities

Software as a service (SaaS) is a model that is provided to you by the cloud service provider. Basically SaaS services are readily available software that are easily accessible through internet connection. By using SaaS services the business activities can easily be handled because it works on an integrated program structure to make a process […]

What is required to build a website ?

Planning and designing an effective website is a tedious job especially if you are not a regular internet user. Creating websites for businesses require some understanding on computers, and little awareness on latest technical aspects, content and design to create effective influence on users. Of course, the primary thing that is need to create a […]

why having a website is important for businesses?

Importance of Website for Organization Building your own website is no longer a daunting task because the advancement of technology has made it easy for many people. Website has become necessary for many businesses even for small and medium firms because having online presence has become important aspect in gaining the business opportunities. Imagine the […]

Increase in Penetration of IP telephony among SMBs in next 12 months: New Survey from Star

According to a survey from ISP Star which was conducted amongst more than 100 UK businesses examining attitudes towards IP telephony has found that the SMBs are predicted to rise with speed over the next year in the take up of VoIP. As per the survey, 41 percent of businesses with 100 or fewer employees […]

Small Businesses to Pull US Out of Recession: Signs of the Times National Small Businesses Survey

According to the survey by Signs of the Times national small businesses, 51 percent of the small business owners have recovered or will be recovering by the end of this year from recession. 72 percent of them expect that small businesses will be the driving force behind the economic recovery in United States, in 2010. […]

Bankruptcies in 2010: Equifax

Recently, Equifax Inc., has announced findings from a comprehensive survey on bankruptcy course among the nations which consisted of more than 24 million small businesses. The highest number of bankruptcies in small businesses were reported in several Western metro areas and California. On the other side, there was unexpected rise in the percentage of filings. […]

Statistics of Ad display in Q1: ComScore

According to ComScore’s Ad Metrix services, U.S. Internet users made a record of 1.1 trillion display ads in the Q1, which contributed to 15 percent increase during the past year. Ad expenditure in US was estimated to be $2.7 billion in Q1, but with the average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) was $2.48. Other Key […]

Know about US Economy Q2 Results in 2010

Due to scarcity of jobs eroded consumer spending and leaving the rebound dependent on a surge in business investment, there was slow down in the second quarter of US economy. According to Commerce Department data issued today in Washington, there was an increase in gross domestic product of 2.4 percent annual pace, less than forecast, […]