Digital Home Security: A Modern Way to Stay Protected

In today’s world, fully controlled digital home is considered as a luxury for rich people due to more cost for installing the system. But, for being inexpensive and have wide features, now, it is within the reach of the normal people. Many people have concern to keep their home secure due to the emergence of technology, where confidential data and information is exposed to online threats. Digital home security deals with the protection of yourself offline also, while securing online. It aims in keeping the houses, premises and property safe.

Points to know about Digital Home Security (DHS) for protection

  • DHS is very similar to a remote system that enables to unlock and lock doors with the use of keypad or a remote device. Though it takes time for the installation process, it provides security compared with manual locks and keys.
  • Biometric technology replaces manual keys, as they require fingerprint of the user for safety as only after it matches the lock opens. Also multiple users can add accounts or delete them accordingly.
  • A new technology which is a combination of numerical pin codes along with the regular keys is present for more security.

Few things to boost up the digital home security systems

  • Door and Window Alarm Sensors: They will set off an alarm, if doors or windows are opened when the central alarm is activated. They come in wired and wireless versions, and are very easy to install.
  • Motion detectors: Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion detectors help in detecting any changes in the temperatures occurring in the room; and thus can also serve as fire detectors.
  • Surveillance cameras: Installation of cameras are not expensive these days. But, they are little complex than the rest.

Benefits of using DHS:

  • It gives information about the number of times the lock has been operated.
  • They are provided with timers so that the logged in time can be exactly known.
  • It also gives information about the overall security of the home and premises other than the entry and exit information.
  • Usage of manual keys and their misplacement can be avoided by using DHS.

Few important things to remember while using DHS:

  • High quality digital security systems should be used to avoid malfunctions, if any.
  • Securing of windows, gates and fencing has to be done with proper locking.
  • Usage of security cameras can be done to secure the important areas in house.
  • The functionality of all the locks should be kept in check for their effective use.
  • Hiring a professional on digital home systems for fixing problems to maintain them properly.
  • You’ll need your system to be in a location that doesn’t interrupt the signal as it travels to your central unit.
  • Choke points are the zones that people have to pass through to get into your home. So, install the cameras at places which include doors, balconies and ground-level windows.

Digital security systems provided with advanced technologies are quite effective in today’s world, where the protection of property and deeds is becoming difficult. Replacement of the manual locks and keys has been achieved with the current biometric systems, where they are more securely used than the manually operated locks. Hence the usage have been put forward, as they are cost effective and reliable.