Components of Air Brake System in a Vehicle

Typically foundation brakes are the common air-brake systems found in trucks and buses. Air is build up inside the air lines. All the vehicles equipped with air brakes will have a release system. Let us know what are the components in air braking system. The following components are found in a foundation air-brake system in a truck or a bus:

  • It’s used to pump the air into storage tanks which is used to control the braking system.

Air compressor governor

  • It controls the cut-in and cut-out point of the air compressor.
  • It’s useful to maintain the amount of air in the storage tank.

Air reservoir tanks

  • The compressed or pressurized air which is created by the air compressor is stored in the air reservoir tank.
  • This compressed air is further used to control the brakes.

Drain valves

  • Drain valves are also called as release valves. These are equipped near the air storage tank used to drain the air when the vehicle, If the vehicle is not in use.

Foot valve

  • It’s located near the brake pedals. When a foot valve is depressed, air is released from the reservoir tanks.

Brake chambers

  • It is a cylindrical container, a slack adjuster is mounted on it.
  • The brake chambers is used to moves the cam mechanism.

Push rod

  • Push rod is made of steel,it connects the brake chamber to the slack adjuster.
  • When a push rod is depressed, the brakes are released.

Slack adjuster

  • It’s an arm which is connected to the push rod and the brake s-cam.
  • Slack adjuster are used to adjust the distance between the brake shoes.

Brake S-cam

  • A s-shaped cam is used to disengage the brake shoes apart against the brake drum.

Brake shoe

  • Brake shoe are made of steel,it’s a lining mechanism which is equipped near the braking system that causes friction against the brake drum.
  • Due to this vehicle slows down or stops.

Return spring

  • Return spring are connected to each of the brake shoes.
  • These springs are used to return the brake shoes to it’s normal position. These are very stiff springs.

When the foot is removed from the brake pedal, the vehicle’s air system charged. When brake pedal is depressed the air pressure decreases, moving the s-cam and spreading the brake shoes against the drum. The air compressor supplies the air reservoir tank and when you allow the brake pedal to return, the air pressure increases back to the normal position. These are the components of the air brake system in a vehicle.