Benefits of Multi Point Injection System

Have you ever heard about mutipoint injection system (MPFI)? It’s one of the most advanced fuel injection system that we see in today’s vehicles. Mutipoint injection system is has higher economy and reliability. MPFI systems can produce higher horsepower and higher efficiency of the vehicle. MPFI is more efficient and cleaner technology and is therefore more popular today.

MPFI is equipped with fuel injector at each cylinder directly above the intake valve. The intake manifold is a regulator of air flow into the engine.

MPFI is provided with very flexible intake manifold designs when compared with other injection systems. Another benefit of the MPFI system is efficiency – by placing an injector right above the each intake valve, the air/fuel mixture distribution from one cylinder to the other cylinder is consistent. This helps create better performance and fuel economy.

Benefits of MPFI
Improved fuel consumption

  • Comparing with dual point fuel injection or carburetors, the fuel economy of MPFI is higher. Because the fuel delivery system of the MPFI is more precious than the other fuel injection systems.
  • In multi-point fuel injection system, one fuel injector is equipped at each cylinder of the engine.
  • Due to the, the air/fuel mixture is delivered just at the right amount for each cylinder and at right time. Thus, fuel is not wasted during combustion process.
  • When compared to other injection system, MPFI system helps you save fuel.

Emission of pollutant is one of the major concerns today. Modern cars are equipped with different systems to reduce emission of pollutant.

MPFI systems produce less quantity of pollutants, which is better for the environment because the emissions of hazardous chemicals are released when fuels burned are minimized.

The more precise the delivery of fuel to the engine is the fewer harmful byproducts that are released when the fuel ignited within the combustion chamber.

Better distribution of air fuel mixture
Since MPFI has fuel injector for each cylinder head, the supply of air/fuel mixture to each cylinder is more accurate, which leads to better distribution of air/fuel mixture to each cylinder.

Better performance

  • The performance of an engine with the use of a carburetor is less compared to MPFI. This is because of: instead of allowing additional air intake, the MPFI system atomizes the air/fuel mixture.
  • As multi-point injectors are controlled by electric controlled units, they are more efficient.
  • Fuel injection is measured as the amount of fuel injected per cycle, for each cylinder it varies depending on the inputs from sensors that define the actual condition of the engine.
  • MPFI increases the volumetric efficiency which results in increased power and torque.