Tooth Sensitivity – Causes & Remedies

Are you feeling any sharp pain in the teeth when taking hot or cold foods? Then you are suffering with sensitivity problem. Tooth sensitivity is a common oral problem we can see every where.

What are the causes of tooth sensitivity?
The causes for sensitive tooth are:

Using hard bristle tooth brush
Using hard bristle tooth brush hurts the tooth. It destroys the enamel and exposure of dentin leads to sensitivity.

Use of tooth whitening tooth pastes
Whitening tooth pastes contains abrasives which scratches the teeth and some times destruction of enamel leads to sensitive teeth

Tooth Decay
Tooth decay near the gum line causes teeth sensitivity to cold and hot.

Cracked Teeth
Cracked teeth or fractured teeth develop plaque under the teeth which leads to sensitivity of teeth.

Acidic foods
More intake of acidic foods like pickles, citrus fruits leads to enamel erosion and exposure of dentin.

Gingivitis is the inflammation of gums and causes the loss of supporting ligament. This exposure of root surface that directly connects to the nerve endings.

Use of mouth washes:
Mouth washes contains acids. Prolonged usage of mouth washes makes the teeth become sensitive.

Dental treatments:
Dental Treatments like dentures, implants, root canal treatment makes the teeth sensitive for few weeks and is temporary
These are the causes of teeth sensitivity.

What are the remedies?
Teeth sensitivity can be controlled by practicing good oral health care. Here are the remedies to desensitize your teeth

1. Use a soft bristle brush
Use soft bristle brush which reduces irritation in the gums and do not brush hardly and brush carefully around the gum.

2. Fluoride products
Rinse your mouth with fluoridated products. These are available in the market which reduces the sensitivity

3. Oral hygiene
Maintaining good oral hygiene reduces the sensitivity. Brush properly twice daily and floss between the teeth to remove plaques.

4. Desensitizing tooth pastes
Desensitizing tooth pastes blocks the nerve endings to send impulses to the brain. Brushing with desensitizing tooth pastes reduces the sensitivity problem

5. Avoid acidic foods
More intake of acidic foods dissolves the enamel and exposes the dentin to the foods. Avoid intake of acidic foods or rinse the mouth after intake of acidic foods can reduce the sensitivity problems.

6. Bruxism
Grinding of teeth during bed time makes teeth sensitive to cold and hot. This can be controlled by wearing mouth guard during night prevents the grinding of teeth.

7. Dental check up
Regular dental check ups, cleaning your mouth for every 6 months prevent the teeth sensitivity.

Sensitivity of teeth can also be reduced by natural home made methods. Mix mustard oil and rock salt and apply over the teeth and massage gently reduces the sensitivity problems.