Know The Questions to Ask Before Buying Car Insurance

When you are planning to get an auto insurance then there will some questions you should ask for yourself as well as for the insurer. Sometime it is better to go with the what is your friend using. But it is not a good idea because every insurance company will have different rates. So it is more better if you shop around for getting a good deal with proper coverage and service for you.

Is insurance necessary for you?
Every state requires at least car insurance covering liability and others require insurance for the uninsured motorist. So you should know the state requirements and apply for quotes.

What insurance do you really need?
Generally many of the states requires liability insurance with the coverage of bodily injury or death to any other party also the legal fees incurred by the accident.

Do you need any other coverages?
It is a good idea to go for the insurer who are offering many coverages. Especially acquire a policy which has collision coverage, because it pays for repairs that needed to your car when it meets with an accident even though the fault is your side or not. The comprehensive coverage which you may want because this will pay for the damages which occurs due to vandalism, fire, theft or acts of nature. Also the PIP – personal injury protection, this will pay for medical expenses for the injuries either for you or the passengers which has been caused by the accident. It also pays for your family medical expenses when they have got injured in someone else’s car.

How to get an inexpensive auto insurance?
You should compare different insurance quotes with many insurance companies. If you do this with online, it will be very easy to get different insurance company rates within seconds. By this, you can compare many rates and choose the quote which will best suit for you and your needs.

How to Get a low Premium?
If you want insurance at a low premium, you have to go for higher deductibles. If you raise your deductibles upto $1000 yearly, you can save up-to 50%.

Are there will be any discounts available?
Many of the insurance companies will give discounts for the following things:

  • For maintaining good driving record
  • For taking driver’s education course
  • For buying multiple insurance with the same company

You should know/check for some other things like:

  • What is the risk assessment involved?
  • Who will my policy will cover to drive my car?
  • What will be the exact deductible?
  • What discounts are in offer?
  • What are the payment options?
  • Do they have 24 hours claiming service?
  • When the car is in accident, will they pay for original manufacturer parts?
  • Where do they have office to meet in personal?
  • What are the payment options?
  • Is there any local agent in your area?
  • Will your age affect the premium? How and why?- etc.