Creative Painting Ideas for Your Living Room

Living room in your home is the most important part of your house. It gives a first impression on the interiors of your house. It is the first room your guests notice when they visit your home. To make your living room cozy and welcoming, add vibrant colors to the living room, which it gives a soothing, active and relaxing feel.

In this article, we will discuss how you can make your living room relaxing and comfortable with creative painting ideas.

Choose vibrant colors for your living rooms
Colors have the ability to influence your mind and mood, it depends on the colors you choose. Thus, choose colors that make you feel active and energetic, because you will be spending most of your time in living room to watch television, get-together parties, chit chatting or entertaining guests. Avoid dark colors as much as possible. Use colors that are vibrant and bold.

Correlate with your surroundings
Wall paintings in your living room should go well with the furniture, accessories and linings that you use as furnishings in the living room. Don’t go for contrast colors, it will make your room look awkward. Therefore, it is better to decide colors based on the surroundings of the living room.

Color selection according to room size and height
Depending on the size and height of your room, you should choose colors. If your living room is small, bold colors such as red, blue etc. are not advisable, it will make your room look small. Choose cool and light colors like white, cream or any light shade, so that your living rooms looks bigger and brighter.

Experiment your walls with vivid colors to give accent
If you want to add some creative painting to your living room, experiment with different colors for a new look. Use different colors to paint your living room. Of the four walls, paint one with a dark color and for the rest, use light shaded colors. It will look very stylish and elegant. For the final touch, use glossy color on the painted walls.

Of these painting ideas, you can now decide on colors that will go well with your living room, making it a place to relax, have fun and inviting.