Vertical Gardening – An Elegant Gardening Style

Adding unique styles to your garden upgrades its appearance. Vertical gardening is an elegant garden style that promotes gardening through variousminiature gardening resources and allows plants to extend upward instead of growing along the garden surface. Different materials like stakes, cages and other vertical supports are used in vertical gardening.

Plants such as ivy are considered for vertical gardening for decorative purposes. A simple vertical garden wall, a fencing, a trellis, or even a series of poles can be used to provide a running track for the vines. In addition to the decorative features, vertical gardening is also meant for food. Vegetable vertical gardening at your home provides you fresh produce. Beans, tomato, cucumber and bell pepper are often grown along vertical supports. A simple cage cylinder made of wire is sufficient for vertical gardening of certain vegetable plants. Even corn stalks can be used as supports for vertical gardening. They are strong enough and allow the plants such as beans to run up along them.

Often people consider that huge vegetable produce and any other gardening design is only possible if there is enough larger space. However, vertical Fairy gardengardening can be practised even at a smaller space. This is more ideal for garden lovers who dwell in cities and have limited space in their houses. Vertical gardening can be implemented as both indoor and outdoor gardening. With simple vertical supports for plants, you can grow elegant varieties at balcony, porch, or window sills. Vertical gardening can also be supported to create privacy screen or to cover an unattractive structure in your garden.