3000 Pounds of Marijuana Seized by Tucson Border Patrol

Marijuana, an illicit drug causing number of deaths every year is a never ending problem in the present society. Even the government is taking each and every measure to control. Let us have a look on the latest news which involved seizing of nearly 3000 pounds of marijuana.

More than 3000 pounds of marijuana is seized by Tuscan Sector Border Patrol Agents in three different incidents in Southern Arizona. In the first incident, a vehicle was scanned at a state high way check point. It contained 88 small bundles of marijuana concealed in non factory compartments through out the doors and roof of the vehicle. Those drugs weighed 140 pounds, with an estimated value of $70,000. The driver, who is a US citizen was arrested and the vehicle was seized.

The next day itself another event has taken place. A CBF office of air and marine helicopter detected possible drug smugglers northeast of Lukeville. The agents recovered 42 bundles of marijuana, weighed 1915 pounds with an estimated value of $957,500 and arrested three Mexican nationals.

On the same day Ajo agents recovered 12 bundles of marijuana that were abandoned north of Lukeville. The narcotics weighed 959 pounds with an estimated value of $479,500.

These many things are made possible with the use of latest technology and specialty units such as terrain vehicles. And those CBP aircraft allow Border Patrol agents to detect and respond to illicit cross border activity quickly and more effectively.