Marijuana Still Biggest Problem : Says Police

Despite of many laws which are made to discourage the possession of marijuana the police authorities still feel that the use of marijuana is the biggest problem threatening the society. After finding a number of cases regarding marijuana, they came to these kind of conclusions.

Wood County Sheriff’s Department Investigators said that marijuana is most available and abused drug. The marijuana which is available now a days is much purer than what was available 20 years back, say officials.

The bigger hand in marijuana cultivation is of the Mexican drug cartels, who send people to northern parts of United States to grow marijuana in public lands such as the National forests. These people go deep in to the forests and with the help of hand saws which do not make much noise they cut down the trees and create a field to cultivate marijuana. They stack some bushes around the perimeter of the fields to hide them from detection. These growers set up a camp over there and live in the woods till they reap the marijuana trees.

The authorities also seen an increase in crack cocaine and heroin use, a highly addictive drug which has potential to cause death. The popularity of heroin is increasing since it is cheaper than any other prescription drugs.

So with the increase in the drug abuse and the police calling it as the biggest problem, parents should take care of their children and should observe their life style, number of friends and what their habits are.