Treat your Feet With Yoga

Foot is one of the wonderful part of the body. Since all the body weight lies on our feet we have to take extra care to protect them. Most of us are bothered about its appearance but not about their well being. If we concentrate on their health they will automatically look healthy and fine. We have a lot of exercises for each and every part of the body and like that feet too have some specific exercises. However, they are a bit difficult to do.

Yoga do offer some wonderful exercise for the feet. Standing poses helps the feet to become more stable and flexible. Regular practice of yoga poses working with feet will definitely add a new aspect to your life. At the same time correct alignment of the feet in all the yoga poses is an important factor in retaining healthy foot.

In yoga proper alignment of yogic pose is grounding through the four corners of the feet, lifting the bends and equally balancing the weight between each foot. It is very important to determine the shape of the feet in the yoga poses.

Mountain position in yoga is one of the best ways to find out the shape of your feet. In this position we have to observe that the weight of the feet is distributed equally between both feet. Any yoga pose that reinforces the lower leg muscles and feet will help recover foot problems as well as blood circulation to the feet.

The yogic postures added with a nice foot massage will show more benefits and gives more relaxation to the entire body.