Negative Effects of Alcohol on Memory

Alcohol which shows adverse effects on each and every part of our body mainly affects the nervous system, by making it numb and unresponsive to the actions. As it is the matter of brain it definitely shows its reflexes on memory. Humans have different kinds of memories like Implicit memory, Explicit memory, long term memory, and short term memory. Each and every memory is named according the type and quantity of content they store. This alcohol shows negative affects on each and every memory making a person completely out of the world.

Many studies have shown that consuming the alcohol in higher quantities and for longer time definitely damages the retrospective memory which is used to hold learning, retention, and retrieval of the learned things. The effects of alcohol are less on perspective memory which includes day to day activities and remembering things to do at some future point of time.

According to various studies, it has been shown that alcoholics experience 30% more memory related problems when compared to non-alcoholics. This percentage again varies from heavy drinkers to occasional drinkers. It also shows adverse effects on working memory in which an individual affects the mnemonic strategies and executive processes rather than by shrinking the basic holding capacity of the working memory.

Physical changes may occur after consuming the alcohol for a long time. But these memory based things will get affected very easily even if the person takes in little quantities. Women will be more affected by these memory related problems than men.

So, there is a high need to be more conscious about these things or else they may affect the brain completely.