Is Drug Testing at Work Place Essential?

The employee drug testing is performed in many firms, organizations and companies to maintain the drug-free workplace environment. The employer of the company takes certain policies and programs to make sure that the employees are not involved in the consumption of drugs and alcohol. The main goal of employment drug testing is to improve a drug abused employee and provide treatment. This makes the workplace free of many dangerous situations like accidents, damages, and reduction of job productivity.

The drug free workplace was started when Ronald Reagn, signed a law Executive Order 12564. This law mentions the ban of drug usage for federal employees on and off duty. This lead to the implementation of Drug-free Workplace Act in 1988. At present, many state, federal, civic and community organizations conduct the employment drug testing to maintain drug-free workplace environment.

The employee drug testing is performed by firms to value safety and health of employees. These are conducted to lessen the medical and insurance costs. They are made in practice to improve productivity and erase the negative impact of the work of drug abused employee. Employment drug testing must be initiated only after making clear policies and procedures. These policies must be publicized and trained to all the employees. Essential treatment and training should be done for the employees who test positive in the employment drug testing. If necessary severe disciplinary actions can be taken to maintain professionalism in work place.