Know About Pre-employment Background Check

Private investigative background check may involve pre employment background check. The pre-employment investigations are considered to be done for applications of high profile and sensitive positions. However, they have become more common for all types of work. Pre employment background check may include criminal record search, military record search, court record search and personal record search.

Some of the job-applicants may not be truthful at the time of interview. Sometimes the resume may also not contain the truthful information. It was estimated that about 40% of the information on resumes is not true. It may be misrepresented and exaggerated. But the employer hires a person having a particular skill or experience. Valuable time and money may become wasted if a wrong person is hired.

Before hiring a person, it is important to perform pre-employment background check. This may include checking of criminal records and criminal history. This has to be done for ensuring that the person being hired is reliable enough for the job. This also makes sure that the information given by the applicant is true. If the checks are neglected and if any illegal activity takes place in the workplace, then the company will be held responsible for negligent hiring.

For example, consider a plumbing company that provides plumbers for various customers. If the pre-employment background check is not done, the nature of the employee is not known. Then if a plumber is sent to a house and if any theft occurs at home, the company will be charged. Therefore to avoid further problem during work, pre-employment background check has to be conducted by all organizations.