Increase in Penetration of IP telephony among SMBs in next 12 months: New Survey from Star

According to a survey from ISP Star which was conducted amongst more than 100 UK businesses examining attitudes towards IP telephony has found that the SMBs are predicted to rise with speed over the next year in the take up of VoIP. As per the survey, 41 percent of businesses with 100 or fewer employees have taken up VoIP. About 20 percent of the respondents are thinking of using VoIP systems within next year.

According to the research carried out by the Synergy Research,the lack of in-house expertise in managing VoIP networks was the main drawback for the VoIP deployment. About just 9 percent of the respondents of the survey saw security as a major concern which is very much contrast to a survey from Infosec which was done 3 years ago in which 90 percent of the respondents nominated security as their main concern. Overall 31 percent of all respondents listed reduced expenditure was the key factor driving demand with lower calling costs as a benefit of VoIP over traditional telephony.