$35 Millions For A Second-Trip To Space

What do you do when you liked a movie? I don’t know about the wise and the mad, but an average human being tries to watch it again and again, till he gets bored of watching it. If it is the case with movie, what can be the case with the mighty space station rotating the earth?

A space station? Leave about watching it for the second time; is it possible to watch a space station even for once?

If you have money, everything is possible. You can buy the space station itself, taking a tour to it is a very small thing.

Taking a tour to space station is as feasible as possessing a few millions of dollars ($20-28 millions per trip).

Till now, only six people went to the space station. Charles Simonyi was one of them (What a plain introduction of a great billionaire!).

He went to the space station in April of 2007. Now he is set to have a second tour of the space station, and is into all the necessary arrangements.

But there is a noteworthy thing here, which I noticed. He paid $20 million-US for his first trip and is paying $35 millions-US for the second one. However rich Simonyi may be, he is undeniably poor at bargaining skills.