Handy Self-defense Tools or Weapons for Everyone

self defense classes INLooking for self-defense weapons? Well, you don’t have to purchase them, because they can be lying around in your home, in your hand bag or in your, that can be used as a self-defense weapon. Read the article to know some self-defense tools or weapons that everyone can use to protect themselves against attacker.

Self-defense tools
Everything that you use in home can act as a self-defense tool if you mold them to your hand. Some of the regular home available tools that you can use for self-defense are knifes, broomsticks, jars, etc.

When you are outside
If you are outside your home and alone then, you should carry few self-defense tools with you which will help you protect from the attackers.

Pepper spray
Usually it is a very powerful tool for women. They can carry this in their bags everywhere and use it at the right time and situation. To use this one doesn’t need any skill, just spray at the attackers face to escape from him.

Self-defense rings
This can be used either by boys or girls. Just have this ring on your finger and no one will come to know that it is a self-defense tool because it looks like a stylish wear and not as a weapon for the people who see. So, buy this kind of sharp rings and wear it in your hands through which you can attack the stranger in danger.

Pepper spray phone covers
This also can be used by any one who carries mobile with them. As the technology is improving people are developing new techniques and tools in every field. So, here comes a new mobile covers that contain pepper spray which keeps you safe. No one will know that you are carrying a pepper spray in your hand.

Stun guns
This is very helpful to freeze the attacker for sometime with the electric shock that they get through the gun and this gives time to escape from him. This is a very effective tool that can be used in self-defense.
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How to Prepare Yourself for Your First Meeting with a Lawyer

Law Office of Kelly PetersonYou have a meeting with a lawyer who is going to present your case in favor of you in the court. There are certain things that you should do in advance to prepare yourself for it. You have to gather and organize the details of your case in a systematic way. Having all the details at a place will let the lawyer advise you properly.

This article provides a few practical tips on how to prepare yourself for the first meeting with a lawyer. Remember, being prepared will satisfy you with the quality of legal service the lawyer provides. A few important questions to ask the lawyer during the meeting are:

Bdugannelaw.comDoes the lawyer specialize in your type of problem?
After telling the details of the case, this is the first question that you should be asking the lawyer – whether they are experienced in resolving issues as yours.

You need to be specific and should ask them if they have earlier taken up such cases and if so know the outcome. Only if the lawyer is experienced and specialized in your type of problem, he will be able to handle your case well.

How much they are going to charge and how are fees structured?
Now that you are confident that the lawyer is specialized in your type of problem, get to know whether or not you can afford the lawyer. Ask the lawyer to estimate how much it will cost to solve your problem, including fees and other expenses.

In addition, ask how the lawyer will charge, whether it will be a flat rate charged according to the number of hours, or as a percentage of what the court awards you. This information will help you decide whether or not to hire the lawyer.

What kind of clients does the lawyer represent?
Aside from factors like specialization, experience and fees, you also need to know the lawyer’s past and present clients and know how he has represented his clients. Take a look at his track record of wins and losses, and look at the facts.

How long will your case probably take?
Ask the lawyer approximately how long the whole case will take and what are your chances of winning. If the chances of you winning are fewer, then should you settle the case instead of suing. And if the chances of you winning the case are more, how long it will take.

How will they report you of developments in your case?
Choose a lawyer who will keep you informed on the developments in your case. The best way to ensure this is to ask the lawyer to send you an email to stay in contact with you for the case. By doing this, you can avoid repeated phone calls to know what’s happening in the case at no cost, because those phone calls will cost you money.
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Ways to Improve your Language Learning

skillsSome aspects of learning a language are daunting, and may seem difficult to overcome. Time and patience are the basic things and some activities for learning the new language should be carried out to overcome these challenges. In this article, we will discuss the activities and the basic skills for learning a new language, and you would find them effectual. Build them as your regular study program.


  • For developing your listening strategies, use an audio or a video to practice and learn. Listen to one thing not only once or twice, but several times. This helps in building an understanding of a piece by listening to it several times.
  • Try to focus on the pronunciation and note how the preceding words influence the pronunciation of the following. Listen to more than two sentences giving the same meaning, and identify the difference or the variation in the same.
  • Using video recordings for listening helps you in developing skills to interpret paralinguistic clues, like head and eye movement, gestures, etc. for improving your understanding of the context.
  • It is a good idea to listen to a recording with someone else, so that after each listening you can share information on what you both have understood.
  • Use a short section of the recording as a self dictation exercise and practice other skills along with listening – taking down notes and then writing a short summary. Moreover, you can extract useful vocabulary.


  • Developing your skills in predicting – see what you can predict about the text from the title, side headings, the first or the last paragraph. Thus, ask yourself what the article is all about.
  • Improving your skills in making inferences. From a piece of text, try to guess the meaning of difficult words. For instance, what speech it is, what the following and preceding information suggests may lead to finding the meaning of the unknown word.
  • For clarity, try to break the sentences and rephrase the ideas in simple terms.
  • Develop text awareness skills. Go through the text and try to identify the writer’s attitude towards the subject and what clues in the text leads you to your conclusion.


  • Speak new words in order to memorize and also practice the pronunciation.
  • Ask the native speakers to check how you are pronouncing different words.
  • Find opportunities to speak and practice because this helps in developing fluency in the language.
  • It is a good idea for recording yourself on tape, replaying and finding the mistakes in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and later correcting it and saying it a better way next time.
  • Practice mimicking the native speakers, which helps you in developing confidence.


  • racticing writing is a good way of improving and learning a new language. Even informal writing activities like writing a diary entry in the language you are learning, corresponding with the native speaker on email, etc. are useful.
  • When writing/typing on word program, use a spell checker to monitor your mistakes. In addition, note the words with the same spellings but different meaning. Such words may confuse you. For example, quiet and quite. Another essential tool for checking similar word is looking up a thesaurus.

The ways discussed here are likely to help you learn the language with sustained practice over time.

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Outdoor Gardening Improvisation Tips

Outdoor gardening is a practice of growing and cultivating plants out side the home in the open air. Here are some tips to improve outdoor gardening. The improvisation tips starts from planting a tree to maintaining after plantation.

  • Select location for the plantation that should be free of power lines. Location should be provided with the adequate sunlight and air. Selection of location should meet the requirements of the tree to be planted.
  • Prepare the site where you are going to plant a tree by removing the existing plants from that site. Break up if any soil clods.
  • Moisten the tree’s roots and then it becomes ready for planting.
  • Dig the hole where you are going to plant a tree and place the tree. Pour the soil around the roots of the tree so that roots does not expose out.
  • Then your tree is in your outdoor garden and water the plant. Check the plant regularly.

Improvisation tips for outdoor gardening
After planting a tree you need to maintain your tree for better growth. Here are the improvisation tips which will help you to make the tree to grow better.

  • After gardening, soil will stuck to the gardening tools. It is difficult to remove. So these can be cleared by rubbing tools with wax. Wax also prevent those from rusting.
  • It is difficult to carry long handled gardening tools with hand throughout the gardening. Use old bags to carry all the long handled tools to and from gardening.
  • Use basket or bucket to carry hand held tools. So that your gardening can be done easily.
  • When you are gardening, there is so much of wastes such as debris, weeds etc. It is difficult to throw them in compost every time. Use one waste bag to collect all of them and throw them in compost when the bag is full.
  • Use fertilizers and nutrients as mulch rather than buying and spread a layer of mulch over the soil. It improve the water retaining power of soil and prevents weeds from sprouting. This makes us to water and weed the tree less often.
  • Proper spacing should be maintained between the plants. If you want to plant bulbs then dig individual holes and place the each bulb in each hole and fill each with the soil around the bulb. Make sure that proper spacing should be maintained between the plants.

These improvisation tips helps you to make a better outdoor garden in your home.
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Immediate Things to do After an Accident

If you are involved in an accident, there are certain things to do to protect yourself. The important things to do after involved in car accidents are:

Determine the extent of damage
If you are involved in any car accident never go away from the place. The important thing to do after an accident is to determine any injury to you and surrounding public and damage to the vehicle or surrounding area. If any injuries involved to the persons call ambulance immediately. Do not move your vehicle from the accident place unless it is in middle of the road.

Call police
Call the police immediate after car accident even it is a minor accident. File a report in police station. This may need to file a claim for vehicle in insurance company. If police may not respond properly, then you should get all the names and addresses and vehicle numbers involved in the accident and insurance card numbers etc. to go for the next process.

Call lawyer
If your car accident is major and involve serious injuries, then it is necessary to hire an attorney. Attorney protects your rights. Attorney will advice you how to make sure you are fully compensated for your vehicle and getting the best medical treatment. Attorney helps you to benefit with the case effectively as he or she can know all the laws regarding the accidental cases.

Document the scene
Once the accident takes place, document the scene if you have camera or mobile phone equipped with camera. If any visible damage to your vehicle and injuries to you, document it. If you can not take photos at the time of accident, snap them as soon as possible after accident. It will help you in claiming insurance for you and your vehicle.

Document the medical report
Document your medical reports and prescription bills etc if you are injured with the car accident. This may need you to claim medical insurance.

Call the insurance agent
Call and report to your insurance agent immediately after the accident takes place. Immediately file a claim for insurance and provide all the necessary documents and also provide the other drivers details also.
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How Labor Laws Help Employees

The labor laws are enforced with the primary motive of employee welfare. They are dedicated to safeguarding the interests and employee welfare and protecting them against unwarranted treatment by their employers. The laws provide several provisions for the welfare of the employees in the form of minimum wages, overtime payment, paid leave, health insurance and many other things.

Besides all these things, the laws protect employees against discrimination on the grounds of race, age, gender and origin. They also ensure safe working conditions and protect workers from health issues arising out of hazardous work conditions. The labor laws also provide for grievance redressing systems for employees to place their work related complaints.

Provisions for upholding employee interest
The laws in the country clearly states that the employer cannot discriminate the employees on the basis of race, religion, gender, pregnancy, age, citizenship status, etc. Every employee has to be treated in a common way.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) under Equal Pay Act prevents employers from paying different wages to persons of different genders for doing the same job under identical skills, efforts, responsibilities and work conditions.

The Federal laws fixes the minimum wage at $7.25 per hour to every employee working. The work hours for a work week is standardized at 40 hours and any work over this is termed as over work and it should be compensated by the employer at a rate 1.5 times the regular rate. State laws also provide minimum wage rate. In such cases, the employer must pay the higher rate of wage.

Simply put, $7.25 per hour is the minimum wage rate in the United States for a person above 20 years of age. The law also states clearly the definition and scope of work hours and does not leave any trace of doubt on what can be and what can not be included in work hours.

People below 20 years of age are eligible for a minimum wage of $4.25 per hour for first 90 days of employment. Polygraph test can not be carried out on a job applicant or employee except for some typical situations and employers under Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA).

When it comes to child labor, children below 12 years are strictly prohibited to work. Minors above this age group can be employed subjected to certain restrictions. This is to safeguard their right to education and protect them from hazardous nature of work.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ensures safety of personnel and health of the employees by providing several measures and guidelines to be adopted at work place to ensure that accidents do not take place at work place and health issues do not arise as the result of nature of work. Employer is required to take these measures and guidelines very seriously and ensure their enforcement.

Employees in an organization covered under the law can form unions to bargain the terms and conditions for welfare of employees and put forward their concerns before their employer. However, restrictions are there in their operation providing a code of conduct for the unions.

Awareness saves from exploitation
Though it is the employer’s duty to communicate the laws to the employees, it is the responsibility of the employees to stay aware of their rights as an employee. This can save them from any probable discrimination by their employer. They should ask their employers to display posters if any of them is missing and they should stand collectively for their rights. Almost every law provides systems for grievance addressing and complaint can be made to the agencies if the employer denies to comply with the labor laws.
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How to Negotiate a Car Lease?

When your are negotiating a car lease, keep in mind that its cost is negotiable based on a variety of factors. The lower the total price of the car the lower your lease payments will be. Noe we will discuss how to negotiate a car lease at the dealership. Before your signing the lease contract make sure that you read and understand everything in it.

How to negotiate a good car lease deal

  • The common scenario we come across while negotiating the car lease is that initially we won’t inform the dealer how you plan to finance your car and we will wait until a price has been set up then telling them that your willing to lease.
  • This is old advice and it doesn’t work well anymore.
  • Make the dealer to understand if you get a good deal, you will lease the car.
  • Otherwise, you will walk away and find another dealer which suits you.

The three important things you should remember/use while your negotiating a car lease are:

  1. Prepare and educate yourself about the car model prices of a car, and leasing conditions.
  2. Make sure that you can shop around and find the best car lease deal.
  3. Make sure that you will walk away if you don’t like the deal that’s offered by the dealer.

Car lease negotiating tips for a best deal
These are some important tips that helps while negotiating a car lease :

  • Never negotiate car lease price for monthly payments bases because the cost of lease payment will be much more higher comparing with yearly lease payment.
  • Always negotiate UP from dealer’s cost but not DOWN from the sticker price.
  • Never let the dealer’s to tell you that lease prices are not negotiable.
  • Never tell the dealer how much monthly payments you can afford.
  • Before going to any dealer know the dealer invoice price for the vehicle/car you want to lease.
  • Don’t sign the “lease agreement” until you are settled on a deal which suits you.
  • Let the dealer know that you are knowledgeable about leasing details and conditions.
  • If you come to know that the salesperson is playing games with you ask them to stop act like your more knowledgeable than the sales person.
  • Don’t blindly agree to the warranties, credit insurance or any other worthless services offered by the dealer.
  • Never let the dealer know your source of invoice prices or trade-in values.
  • Never give dealer a deposit to “hold” a car in advance.
  • The car will be there when you visit again.
  • Never give the dealer a chance to “lose” the keys to your trade-in.
  • Never open up the attraction to a car while negotiations are in progress.
  • If you are not happy with the dealer or sales person ask for another or walk away.
  • Always give yourself the option of walking out if negotiations don’t go in your way.
  • Never accept an offer to take car home even before you settled for a deal.
  • If you have poor credit, never take the car home until your credit has been approved by dealer’s finance company.
  • Always compare the dealer’s monthly lease payment amount against your own figures.
  • Normally, it’s better to deal at the end of the day, at the end of the month, on a weekday, on a rainy day you will get best deal during this period compare to other cases.
  • Never negotiate when you are in a hurry or when you have very limited time.
  • If you become tired, confused pressured during negotiations, walk away and come back another day but don’t try to continue negotiate when your in confused state it makes the dealer an advantage.

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Indoor Gardening and Floor Maintenance

Are you an indoor home gardener and worried about the flooring and its maintenance? Never bother about it, because we are there here to solve your problem with this article. Many people love indoor gardening but their major concern is their floor or countertops where they place the plants may be damaged when they keep them permanently because of watering or soil strains. Therefore, here are few tips through which you can keep your floor clean, neat and long lasting.

Tips for floor stone maintenance

  • If you place natural plants on the ground flooring of your home were you water regularly may leave strains due to over watering or the soil may come out of the pot. Therefore, you should clean the floor regularly.
  • Sand, soil etc. may damage the natural stone so; mop it with clean and dry cloth.
  • You can also take help of vacuum cleaner for removing the minute dust over the floor.
  • Rinse the flooring thoroughly with soft cloth and with the good type of cleaners for your floor.
  • Do not use the products that cause damage to the floor and avoid using the products that contain lemon juice, vinegar etc. if you have the flooring done with the marble, travertine or limestone.
  • Do not use the bathroom or bathtub cleaners on your floor, as they may be too acidic and damages the floor up on the spill.
  • Clean the floor as soon as you spray the cleaner over the floor as some liquids may leave the mark.
  • Choose the cleaners based on the type of the stone you are having and make sure that they do not cause any damage to the stone.
  • Clean the floor only with the soft broom or cloth so that it will not leave the scratches on the floor.
  • Use fresh and clean water for cleaning and change the water time to time.

This regular maintenance keeps your stone long lasting without any damage that may happen with the plants that are placed in your indoor. Apart from this, you should also take care in choosing the stones and countertops for placing your miniatures and plants. The stones that are durable, strain free are the best choice for your indoor gardening because; stains are come when you perform gardening. Other best way is place the stones like concrete, slate stones on the floor and then place the miniature pot over there. This protects your floor without causing damage. These are few tips that keep your floor clean and durable for your indoor gardening.
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Get to Know Monolithic and Hybrid Integrated Circuits

The advent of Integrated Circuit (IC) is a major breakthrough in the field of electronics industry. The field of the electronics moved towards microelectronics with the reduction in the size of the components drastically with further development of technology over the years. Integrated circuits have seen various trends and many developments. Initially, they were manufactures as monolithic IC, but with the advancement of technology, hybrid ICs have come into picture. Each has certain benefits to use.

Monolithic IC
The word ‘Monolithic’ is of Latin origin which literally means ‘One Stone’. In early stage, the IC was a monolithic unit. Such ICs were the first integrated circuits manufactured. A number of electronic circuits are formed on a single silicon chip. A number of transistors and diodes are fabricated on a single silicon chip with the help of diffusion process. In this process, thousands of millions of transistors are formed on the single chip, preferably silicon with the diffusion of impurities on the chip. These components are connected to each other with the help of metallization process in order to make the desired electronic circuit. Different isolation techniques like PN junction, beam-lead and dielectric are used to isolate the components on a chip. The process results in creation of very small and compact circuits.

The process of manufacturing the monolithic IC is cheap and mass production can happen. They also exhibit good thermal stability due to close placement of components. They use mainly photolithography and planar technology.

However, this technology is faced with the shortcoming that it cannot be used to manufacture large value capacitors, inductors and resistors on the chip. If required, these components can be used separately with the chip.

Hybrid ICs
As the name suggests, a hyrind IC is a combination of monolithic IC and different components and circuits on a common substrate that acts as chassis. It comes as benefit over monolithic IC as a fact that this IC contains components like large value resistors, capacitors and inductors, which cannot be formed by the monolithic process.

The technology used is thin film or thick film technology based on the approach used to manufacture the components on a silicon chip. In thin film technology, the evaporation of a suitable impurity on the substrate surface leads to the formation of resistors, capacitors and transistors, whereas in thick film technology, silk screening method is used to create resistors and capacitors. The components can be planar in region and the adjustment in the values of the components can be done with the help of laser trimming and fine laser trimming.

It is not advisable to go for mass scale production of hybrid IC. These can be manufactured to some degree of three dimensions.

Things to Know Before Signing a Prenuptial Agreement

Many people today are signing up for prenuptial agreements. A prenuptial agreement is a contractual agreement between the couple. The agreement deals with financial affairs. Laws in various states support this prenuptial agreement. Therefore, before signing a prenuptial agreement, the couple needs to consider certain things that are very important.

If you know all these then, there won’t be a problem later. So, better know them when you are going for prenuptial agreement. Read this article, it will be helpful if you are going for getting the prenuptial agreement. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of a prenuptial agreement.


  • A prenuptial agreement helps in financial well-being of the children.
  • Each spouse will have a chance to put their financial expectations prior to marriage so that, the other spouse will know what his/her partner is expecting.
  • This also shows what assets the spouse wanted to give to the children and the members of the family after their death.
  • It avoids any unnecessary fights if you are into divorce stage.
  • Clarifies the agreement between you and your spouse.
  • It helps establish a route for your future.


  • If you are negotiating at the time of prenuptial agreement then, this may damage your marriage relationship and may end up with divorce.
  • If both of the parties are negotiating for the agreement then the agreement won’t be of genuine and it is better not to go for prenuptial agreement in those cases.
  • This agreement is not suitable for the couple if they are into first marriage though there is inequality in the assets and the incomes they have.
  • It doesn’t include any child support payments.
  • This may often damage the relationship between the spouses and the family members.
  • Taking this agreement at the time of divorce is not at all fair and will have a lot of troubles.
  • There might be a lack of the trust between the partners or the resentment before the marriage itself and this wedding won’t last long.
  • This includes various stipulations like division of household maintenance cost, religious beliefs and many will think that the rights of child custody and child support will be in their hands but, it is not right.

You need to consider these things before you approach for a prenuptial agreement and proceed further. This will guide you in the right way without any conflicts and deviations and it also protects your personal life from not getting into trouble later.
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Natural Remedies for Gum Diseases

Gum diseases are due to the formation of plaque between the teeth. The early stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. If it is untreated it becomes severe and is called periodontitis. To treat gum diseases at an early stage you need to follow some home remedies. In this article we will discuss some of the home remedies.

Green tea
Drinking a cup of green tea daily reduces gum diseases. Green tea has anti inflammatory property. It contains anti oxidants which interfere with the inflammatory response associated with the gum diseases and cures the gum diseases.

Stress reduction
Reduce stress to prevent gum diseases. There is a relationship between stress and gum problems. Stress reduces the immunity and therefore the body can not fight against infections and gums become susceptible to infections and leads to gum problems.

Rinsing mouth with salt water
Dissolve a small amount of salt in warm water and rinse your mouth with warm salt water for 30 seconds and repeat it for several times. Salt solution reduces swollen gums and removes the infection. Daily doing this helps you to cure gum problems.

Brush with baking soda
After having meal, brush with baking soda to prevent gum disease. Mix the baking soda with water to form a paste and brush with it to neutralize the acids present in mouth. This prevents the tooth decay and gum problems.

Rinse with hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide has anti bacterial property. Rinsing mouth with hydrogen peroxide kills the bacteria in our mouth and oral cavity become healthy. Be sure not to consume hydrogen peroxide.

Brush with tea tree oil
Tea tree oil has natural anti septic activity which prevents the gums from infection. Rubbing gums and teeth with tea tree oil even eliminates the signs of gum problems. Brushing with toothpaste containing tea tree oil also has the same effect.

Rub honey on infected gums
Honey has both anti septic and anti bacterial property so it can be used to treat or prevent gum diseases. Rubbing the gums or infected gum with honey cures the gum problem. Do not apply honey on teeth as it contains sugar content.

Deficiency of vitamin-C causes scurvy (gum bleeding). Intake of rich content of vitamin-C helps to prevent gum bleeding as it has anti oxidant property. It protects the gums from infection by fighting against infection. Vitamin-C containing fruits are grapes, mango, oranges, strawberry, etc.

Vitamin-D has anti inflammatory property which prevents the inflammation of gums and reduces the susceptibility to gum problems. Sources of vitamin-D are sunlight and milk. Exposure to sunlight synthesize vitamin-D, and high levels of this in body prevents gum diseases.
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Symptoms of Bad Fuel Injector

How to identify the symptoms of a bad fuel injector? Read the article to know some of the symptoms of bad fuel injector.

Clogged fuel injector
Injectors usually clog when the foreign objects invade your injector and you can identify them in the form of rust. This situation arises due to the upstream in the gasoline supply. This makes the car idle and can’t maintain for long time. The injector know can’t supply gasoline to the manifold.

Dirty fuel injector
Once it is clogged the fuel intake is not done which forms residue over the injector. This leads to burning and forming crust. This leads to weak and uneven pattern of spray.

Abrupt engine power
With the coagulation of the injector the fuel intake is less and the engine will suffer with fluctuations in RPMs which causes the power in chunk instead of being smooth.

Misfire engine
As the injector is suffering with the coagulation it may completely miss out to supply fuel through which the engine doesn’t perform well and leads to misfire while driving. This is very serious symptom and need to rectified soon.

Leaks in the injector
The damage that happens to the exterior part of the injector which is placed on intake manifold causes the leaks in the injector. You can identify it quickly and rectify the problem.

Unable to open or close the injector
Due to the rust on the injector or due to the faulty windings the injector can’t open. If the winding is overheat, break the valve of the injector. The same problem may also lead to not closing the valve of the furl injector. If it is unable to close then there is a chance of leakage in the gasoline.

Rough engine idle
Damage in the injector effects the engine running rough and also irregular due to the abrupt fuel supply.

Reduction in gas mileage
Finally, damaged or broken fuel injector will lead to leaks or more intake of fuel and this causes engine with poor running and reduces the mileage of the gas.

These are a few ways to detect symptoms of car fuel injector. Once you detect the problems either replace them or get it repaired.
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