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GM Joint Venture With Chinese Automakers For Electric Cars

Presently, GM has focused on electric car segment. They have entered in to the joint ventures with Chinese car manufacturers for leading the electric car segment. GM has declared their joint venture with Shanghai car manufactures of China, they are dealing with electric cars, transfer batteries and other electronics. Both are coming together as a […]

Facts About Decline Sales of US Local Car Manufacturers in 2011

Once, US auto industry was considered to be the toughest market to compete with, but since few years, it is not able to compete tough due to various reasons. In 1999, US auto industry has received poor sales performance, but since then it has showed only positive sales growth. In spite of this positive growth, […]

Magnesium Plays Major Role in Future Cars Innovation

Majority of the car users are looking for fuel efficient and light weight vehicles. North American international auto show had revealed the research reports on light vehicles productions, the show explained the importance of magnesium in future car innovations. Magnesium is very beneficial in producing lighter and stronger cars into the market. Magnesium is more […]

Mexico Attracting More Supplier Investments

Vehicle manufacturing in Mexico has increased rapidly in 2011, many car manufactures are exporting their vehicles from Mexican plants. The total production for light vehicles and passenger cars for 2011 has increased considerably. Major car manufacturers in US like Nissan, BMW, Volkswagen, GM, etc. are exporting their products from Mexican plants. Industry experts say that […]

Nissan Plans to Open Third Plant in Mexico

Japanese car manufacturers Nissan motors plans to start new plant in Mexico, which is the third plant of Nissan in Mexico. Nissan motors will be investing around 2 billion dollars for the new plant. Nissan motors officially says, they are starting the construction of the new facility in summer and production will be started at […]

US Auto Industry Boosting Its Sales with Green Car Production

After a decline in sales in 2009, US auto industry implementing emerging technology in their manufacturing processes, is utilizing new technology to retooling the processes. Car manufacturers are implementing new technology to reach the new customers expectations and achieving the market demand. The new technology mainly focusses on the fuel efficient units that is called […]