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About Ted Silva

Ted Silva comes from Redondo Beach, California, United States. He had schooling in Redondo Beach, California. He graduated in 1992 and served as an assistant coach in Villa Park High School in 2004. Recently Silva has won credits for his achievement. Under the able guidance of Jason Gill, a former Titan teammate Silva went to […]

Know About Glow-in-the-Dark Golf Balls

Like golf, glow golf is also the most interesting game to play especially during night times. To play glow golf you need not wait until weekends or vacation times. Many golf courses and resorts will organize this glow golf games. To play glow golf all you need is some glow sticks and glow balls. Glow […]

All You Need to Know About Glow Gloves

All the glow products are much of fun and entertainment but here is an unique piece which can be used for both fun and functional activities. They are nothing but glow gloves. Glow gloves are specially designed thing which uses the latest technology to function. They are designed for a particular purpose and now they […]

Glow Sticks Enhance your Enjoyment at Night Golfing

Enjoying the parties in dark with friends is a great excitement. A glow stick usage at parties further adds to the enjoyment. It has become common to use various colored glow sticks at night parties and celebrations. However, you can even use them for some outdoor activities in dark. It is very difficult and frustrating […]

Results of 2010 Wimbledon Tennis

One will be familiar with the game, tennis. They are many legends in tennis. They are different tournaments which are being played by the sportsmen. Some of the tournaments which are familiar are US Open, Wimbledon, French Open and Australian Open. And, different types of courts are used for different championship tournaments. When we take […]