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Rent-to-Own House Benefits and Drawbacks for Buyers

The rent-to-own house is also called lease-to-own house. The rent-to-own process is similarly like the process of car lease. The renters usually pay certain amount every month to the house owner. At the end of the period, renters have the option to buy that home. Generally this period is for three years. Benefits: Benefits of […]

Listing Contract in Detail

Buyers and realtors often work together without a written contract, but opposite is true for the sellers and the realtors. On listing side, written contracts are overwhelmingly the rule, but not exception. Obviously name of the seller and property address will be included in listing contract. There are some other things that are included that […]

Benefiting Parties with Title Insurance

Title insurance services and polices offer a wide range of protection to many different parties those who have various interests in real estate transactions. Those are like homebuilders, attorneys, real estate brokers, real estate purchasers, lenders and seller. Now we will see the benefits for each one in detail. Real estate purchasers: Whether the real […]

Questions to Ask a Real Estate Lawyer/Attorney before Hiring

Hiring a real estate attorney makes a lot of sense for everyone, who find themselves needing the help. Following are some top questions that you should first ask before you hire, and ensure that the best attorney is hired for your specific real estate situation. Does he/she specialize in real-estate law? This is essential to […]

HIOC adds Real Estate section providing useful information about Hyderabad real estate industry

Released by: HIOC, which has been on the forefront in providing useful and functional information about Hyderabad, adds Real Estate section. (HIOC) added ‘Real Estate’ section providing genuine and useful information about real estate industry in Hyderabad. This section provides the information that will help you objectively assess the ground situation to help […]