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Quartz or Quartzite – What to Choose for Your Countertops?

People are confused on quartz and quartzite and think that both quartz and the quartzite are the same – same material. They are not the same materials rather they are popular choices as a countertops. They vary in many aspects like look, price, strength, etc. So, before you make a choice of them, know the […]

The Advantages of Slate Flooring for Kitchens

Slate is metamorphic rock which is derived form the sedimentary rock. It is a converted material which is used for flooring and countertops mostly for kitchen. Using slate will offer many benefits. It is also used in making benches for garden, roofing and is mostly seen in traditional works. It is one of the strongest […]

Glass Countertops – Best Options for Your Stylish Modern Kitchen

Are you concerned to give a contemporary look to your modern kitchen? Then, glass countertops are the perfect options. They are stylish to look and bring an elegant appeal to the kitchen. Let’s now know more about these modern kitchen accessories. Glass countertops are known for their aesthetic appearance. They are available in various colors […]