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Living Smartly Adds a New Section to Simplify the Confusing Area of Personal Financial Planning

Hyderabad, India – Living Smartly, a website dedicated to provide smart living tips to hardworking middleclass people, recently announced that it added a new section called ‘Personal Financial Planning Simplified’. Are you struggling to make right financial choices to save money? Do complex financial concepts and policies eat your brain? Then check this section called […]

Facts On Long-Term Personal Loans

A personal loan enables you to borrow money from a bank or any other financial institution. And you should repay that amount within a specific period of time. It is required to pay interest on this amount. Interest rates depend upon the amount of loan borrowed, the time period of repayment, and the applicant current […]

Know about US Economy Q2 Results in 2010

Due to scarcity of jobs eroded consumer spending and leaving the rebound dependent on a surge in business investment, there was slow down in the second quarter of US economy. According to Commerce Department data issued today in Washington, there was an increase in gross domestic product of 2.4 percent annual pace, less than forecast, […]

Know About Types of Money Market Funds

Money Market Fund is an open ended mutual fund which invests only in money markets. These funds are invested in short-term debt obligations like certificate of deposits, treasury bills and commercial paper. These funds are significant providers of liquidity to financial intermediaries. Types of Money Market Funds: Institutional Money Funds: These are high minimum investment. […]

You need to know about Role of Stock Exchanges

Stock exchange is an entity that offers trading comforts for traders and stock brokers to trade stocks and other securities. Facilities are provided by stock exchange for the issue and redemption of financial securities and other financial instruments and payment of dividend and income. The securities are traded on exchange such as shares that are […]

2010 Outlook For The U.S Banking Industry: American Banker

American banker has given 2010 out look for U.S Banking industry that the banking industry may be on the improved, heavy-handed regulation and more pain in the housing market, and other things could hinder its recovery. Here are few major themes: Consumer banking: According to market analysts, potential new consumer rights laws could cut the […]

How To Do Annual Financial Checkup

It is always good to do annual financial checkup before the end of the year, you can receive tax saving strategies advantage. Identify your goal: Evaluating financial goal is the first step. Analyze whether there is any progress or not in that year, change the goal when if there is no development. Evaluate changes in […]