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Property Management – All You Need to Know

Property management is defined as the operation and control of commercial, industrial and residential buildings that are owned by themselves or leased by someone else. Management includes the need to care for, monitored and accountable for its usable life and condition. Property management means hiring someone and paying them to keep the property safe, secure […]

Know How Facility Managers Help in Designing High Sales Retail Spaces

A well organized retail store often generates a good business by attracting more customers. But a store designed by facility managers have that professional touch and is right to expect that they will capture the attention of the passersby. They will organize and manage even a high retail spaces in such a way that the […]

Benefits of Hospital Renovation in Providing Safety for Patients

Most of the hospital renovate due to the need for changes in patient’s roomand also to keep hospital environment as safe as possible. A patient’s hospital room can play a major role in their healing process and that can impact the amount of time needed for their recovery. Most of the patients generally have negative […]

What are the Benefits for the Staff with Hospital Renovations

Hospital renovation project not only considers protection but also considers staff problems. When you make the patient’s room safer from the spread of hospital-acquired bacterial and other contact germs, you also make the healthcare environment safer for your doctors, nurses, housekeeping staff and other members of hospital staff. Hospital management should renovate hospital and design […]

Measuring Performance of Facilities Management

Facilities Management skills and techniques should be focus on the area that contributes to the overall business management by relating accommodation and support infrastructure issues to business, financial and personal criteria. The issues of measuring facilities performance is a critical task to the facilities manager. The need of measuring performance in order to guide management […]

Facilities Management Functions within Business & Support Services

Every business has its own goals, objectives and principles, without which it cannot run. The goals, objectives and pricinciples associated with facilities management are: a) Goals & Objectives Increasing its business development and support network thus improving job creation; Ensure good governance through a uniform approach and maximize benefits; and Improve management efficiency and effectiveness […]

Facility Management – Cost Saving Factors

Facilities Management main objective is to reduce energy and maintenance costs and thereby driving bottom line cost savings. Facilities Management minimize the cost by concentrating on following factors: i) Project Cost Saving Strategies Contractor Selection: The most cost efficient time to select a contractor is when the project is still in its early design stage. […]

Facility Management Strategies

Strategic plans will help to increases marketing growth of the company. Organizations must think strategically if they are to do more than simply survive in today’s increasingly competitive marketplaces. This thinking applies to both core and non-core business. In the case of the latter, facilities management has a pivotal role to play in support of […]