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Get to Know Monolithic and Hybrid Integrated Circuits

The advent of Integrated Circuit (IC) is a major breakthrough in the field of electronics industry. The field of the electronics moved towards microelectronics with the reduction in the size of the components drastically with further development of technology over the years. Integrated circuits have seen various trends and many developments. Initially, they were manufactures […]

Pressure Sensing System and Its Applications

Pressure Sensing Systems A pressure sensing system is one aimed to provide better healthcare and lowering the health care costs, which is achieved with combining pressure sensors with micro controllers and communication technology. Manipulating the real-time pressure signal can make physicians to check drug administration, signs and patient compliance. In home use pressure-sensing system is […]

All You Need to Know about a Spirometer

The lungs are vital organs in the body and they are responsible for providing oxygen to be circulated and used in various biochemical processes in our body. Spirometry is a common test to measure the performance of the lungs by measuring the volume of air inhaled and exhaled by the individual and then depicting the […]