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Different factors to Consider While Choosing the Barcode Labels

People are aware that they should be careful while choosing the barcode scanners and printers. But many people neglect to be conscious while choosing the barcode label. Barcodes are imprinted by barcode printer. It is very important to choose a right barcode label for your items or products. Accuracy can be improved, material handling costs […]

Benefits of Barcode Scanning in Retail Industry

Barcode technology helps retail outlets to manage their resources in better a way. Retail outlets can increase their operational efficiency along with accuracy of inventory tracking and stock levels by using barcode scanning. Barcode scanning is a part of the barcode technology. Barcode scanning also helps in efficient point of sale management, faster customer checkout […]

Usage of Different Barcode Scanners in Retail Industry

Barcode of the product has information about product price, quantity, quality and other details. This is used in many retail stores and POS as well for the purpose of identification of products. Barcode scanners are used for product tracking and inventory management at larger warehouses and industrial organizations. You need to choose suitable barcode scanner, […]

Know About Industrial Automation Equipment

Industrial Automation equipment is used for reducing costs, improving quality, increasing productivity, and reducing costs. Automation controllers are connected to the industrial equipment like assembly lines, processing equipment, machine tools to operate easily in coordination with the stored programs. Some of the industrial applications are research and industrial applications, continuous batch and discrete applications, and […]

The Advantages of Automation at Offices

In modern days every office needs to maintain information in proper way. Many offices today need to maintain that secret information of employees, clients etc need not go to other persons. Automation process is helping offices work in different ways like become easily accessible, faster, easily take necessary information. The automation benefits in office mainly […] Launches a Cool New Website with Latest Customer Tools

Released by: BarcodeScannersStore launches a slick new website with the latest in customer tools that make it easier for customers to search through a wide range of quality and niche barcode scanners to find the right one for them. These barcode scanners ensure optimum performance and durability in any condition and are available at […]

Types Of Interconnection For Home Automation

The Interconnection of home can be done in three ways which include connection by wire, wireless, By using both wireless and wire. Connection by Wire: This can be done by using optical fibers, cables and power lines. Cables discussed here are mainly meant for installation in industrial sites as well as in buildings. The power […]

High Capacity Color Barcode: A Replacement To Traditional Barcodes

HCCB (High Capacity Color Barcode), a Microsoft technology of encoding data in a 2D “barcode” using clusters of colored triangles instead of the square pixels. Palette of 4 or 8 colors for the triangles is used to increase the data density. This technology can also check black and white barcodes. Gavin Jancke, an engineering director […]