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What are the Various Areas of Applications of Automation Systems

Many industries have shifted to automation in manufacturing process to increase the demand in flexibility and convertibility. Digital electronics are also most helpful to generate accurate results and provide a good scope for sophisticated systems. Automated Manufacturing: An application of automation that refers to produce things in the factory way. The advantages of automated manufacturing […]

Automation in Material Handling

Material handling automation increases your warehouse throughput without increasing your labor or physical space. Automation eliminates bottlenecks and prevents you from the huge investments in the material handling process. PSI (Packet Switching Interface) engineering develops new types of automation systems for material handling technology and packaging station technology and all types of distribution centers. Automation […]

L-Tron’s New Blog Enables Clients to Stay Abreast of Emerging Technology Trends

Victor, New York – L-Tron Corporation announces the recent launch of a new weblog on its corporate website, with the main goal of sharing the company’s collective expertise and extensive knowledge with both clients and potential clients. The blog, which is updated several times a week, helps readers understand the direction of technology in the […]

Regulation of Pharmacies by 2D Barcodes

Hospitals and pharmacies are concerned about medical errors which have serious effects. These errors can be avoided by implementation of automated technology like barcodes. It is necessary to verify the medications before dispensing and this can be made easy by barcode system. 2D barcodes are being used for regulation of pharmacies. During manufacturing process of […]

How are Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners Used in Various Industries?

Many applications of barcodes can be seen in a wide range of industries. The business of manufacture of barcode components, including barcode printer, barcode labels, and barcode scanners, is also increasing day by day. Zebra printers, HP scanners, and Symbol barcode are some of them. There are various types of barcode scanners based on technology […]

What are the Requirements to Produce a Barcode Label

Barcodes are printed on the tags or labels, such label or tag is called as barcode label. These barcodes are imprinted by the barcode printer. Barcode label can provide the information relating to an item. People use the barcode labels on the goods for sale, important documentation, tickets for live events, patient information in hospitals […]

Know about Different Types of Barcodes

Many of you might have seen barcodes which are present on every consumer good at many places. These are nothing but labels of vertical bars and spaces having certain symbology. The labels are printed on the label using a barcode printer. Many such printers exist today and Zebra printers are one of the mostly used […]

Know About Design and Technology of Barcode Printer

Barcode printer is the printer, which is used to print the barcode. Barcode is a machine readable information, that is used on products or items in order to know information about them, like price and type of product and features of product. Barcode scanner is a scanner, that is used to scan the barcodes. Barcode […]