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Checklist of Items To Check Before You Move In

Let me share my fundamental apartment checklist that should be check before you move in. this list was prepared by me at the time of moving into one of the apartments in Orlando. All of these things should be taken care of by the landlord, without any extra charges to tenants. Door Locks and Latches— […]

How to Say Goodbye to Your Best Friend That Is Moving

Giving sendoff to a close pal is painful. Especially, if he or she is very close to you like as your parents or siblings. Last month I gave send off to one of my roommates. He was moved to Chicago apartments. These are the some tips to say goodbye to your best friend when he […]

Plan Your Move Ahead

You should start planning well in advance if you are moving into new apartment. When you’re looking to find a mover, ask someone who is in recent times moved to recommend a decent mover to you. Once you have your selected companies in mind, obtain written estimates from them. Be sure the Public Utilities Commission […]

When a Roommate Leaves

Living with roommate is a fabulous experience. But some times it gives terrible experience also. I faced this problem when my roommate left my Chicago apartment with out giving any prior intimation. So everybody should take some steps to avoid this problem. If your roommate has left during the middle of a lease or without […]