Manhattan: The Preferred Tourist Destination

Have you ever considered Manhattan as a tourist destination? If not, then it is the time you include it in your wish list immediately and implement it as soon as possible. If you have never been to New York City, you have been missing a lot because Manhattan has lot more than banks and corporate headquarters. Here is a glimpse of what are the things you must do and which places you must visit.

Upper East Side of Manhattan: This is where the elite of New York have always belonged to and call it their home sweet home. Rockefellers, Kennedys, Carnegies, to Donald Trump, Mariah Carey and Madonna, in short, the who’s who of USA have spend generations here. Walking through 59th to 96th Streets between East River and Central Park itself is an experience in itself. Apart from these there are major landmarks like Museum of the City of New York, the Jewish Museum, the Roosevelt Island Tram and different TV series tours like Gossip Girls and Sex and the City.

Upper West Side of Manhattan: This area covers the neighborhood between Riverside Park and Central Park. This is mainly residential area but prime hotspots like American Museum of Natural History, Central Park Zoo, Columbus Circle, Great Lawn, New York Historical Society, the Metropolitan Opera etc are situated here. There are some amazing brunch spots like Sarabeth’s and Good Enough to Eat. These joints are always packed and rest assured of a gastronomical feast, so it is worth the wait. If you are picky and fussy about eating out, there is a never-ending list of fine dining restaurants as well. Night life in Upper west side of Manhattan is something to stay forever with you.

Lower Manhattan: While New York City stands for everything up to date, lower Manhattan is possibly the only neighborhood to show you the contrast between present and the past. There are buildings that had been there since the time New York was under the British rule. They testify the history. So, lower Manhattan is the place where American history was written. Manhattan Municipal Building (built in 1915), City Hall (1812), almost 800 ft tall Woolworth Building (1913), 9/11 Memorial Plaza, Liberty Park etc are just to name a few of the tourist attractions of this area.

Manhattan has something to offer to everyone. Whenever we plan holidays, somehow we look for serene landscape in the lap of nature. It is kind of escapade from the rush and hectic life that we all lead all the year through. But when you are traveling with kids, urban destination is preferable. You will never fall short of options: from amusement parks to their favorite restaurants, uninterrupted Wi-Fi to proximity to a hospital in emergency, city destination will give you peace of mind to enjoy the vacation. Imagine your little one crying of tooth ache and you are frantically looking for a dentist. In Manhattan, no matter where you have put up, you are never far from an emergency service or hospital. Whereas, a remote countryside though have been so fulfilling aesthetically, but under such circumstances would fail to give you comfort. So, next time you plan a holiday, do not forget Manhattan.