How to Utilize Empty Spaces in Your Home for Gardening

Miniature plantsAre you a garden lover, but because you don’t have a garden you are giving up the idea of gardening? Well, then here comes the solution. With the small and empty spaces in and around your house you can explore some great ideas on gardening.

You can use every single left over space in your home for gardening. Many people usually neglect empty spaces if they are at dark or at ground level. But, you can make use of a few places for gardening purpose. Some of them are:

At doorsteps
You can use the edges of door steps to place some beautiful small containers with small plants, shrubs or miniatures. Use decorative container pieces like metal, synthetic, etc., and plant them with flowering plants to make your doorsteps more beautiful.

Near windowsFairy garden
Generally every home will have windows and some of them are pulled out with a wall. So, you can use this pulled out wall as a space for placing small plants. This makes your window frame colorful and act as a visual extensions in your room.

Small left outs near the wall
If you have small spaces left out with soil near your wall then, you can plant creepers that crawls over the wall. Creepers add beauty to your wall and home as a decorative choice. They don’t actually need more space, so planting creepers is more easy in the small space available.

On your tables
You can use your indoor home space for gardening. Place some small miniature plants on your table tops instead of the artificial flower vases. They act as a decorative pieces on your table.

At hangings
Hangings won’t occupy any space on the floor. For this, you can just use your roof of rod hangers to suspend the pots or containers with small plants miniature housesor shrubs. You can hang containers on your indoor or outdoor roofs.

In your kitchen
You can use your kitchen windows or kitchen countertops and tables for placing some miniatures or small shrubs.

In parking strip
People generally neglect the ground between the side walk and the street, but you can use it for planting.

If you really think, every single left over and waste spaces in your home can be used for gardening. So, check all your empty spaces so that you can use them for gardening.