Immediate Things to do After an Accident

If you are involved in an accident, there are certain things to do to protect yourself. The important things to do after involved in car accidents are:

Determine the extent of damage
If you are involved in any car accident never go away from the place. The important thing to do after an accident is to determine any injury to you and surrounding public and damage to the vehicle or surrounding area. If any injuries involved to the persons call ambulance immediately. Do not move your vehicle from the accident place unless it is in middle of the road.

Call police
Call the police immediate after car accident even it is a minor accident. File a report in police station. This may need to file a claim for vehicle in insurance company. If police may not respond properly, then you should get all the names and addresses and vehicle numbers involved in the accident and insurance card numbers etc. to go for the next process.

Call lawyer
If your car accident is major and involve serious injuries, then it is necessary to hire an attorney. Attorney protects your rights. Attorney will advice you how to make sure you are fully compensated for your vehicle and getting the best medical treatment. Attorney helps you to benefit with the case effectively as he or she can know all the laws regarding the accidental cases.

Document the scene
Once the accident takes place, document the scene if you have camera or mobile phone equipped with camera. If any visible damage to your vehicle and injuries to you, document it. If you can not take photos at the time of accident, snap them as soon as possible after accident. It will help you in claiming insurance for you and your vehicle.

Document the medical report
Document your medical reports and prescription bills etc if you are injured with the car accident. This may need you to claim medical insurance.

Call the insurance agent
Call and report to your insurance agent immediately after the accident takes place. Immediately file a claim for insurance and provide all the necessary documents and also provide the other drivers details also.