Outdoor Gardening Improvisation Tips

miniature gardeningOutdoor gardening is a practice of growing and cultivating plants out side the home in the open air. Here are some tips to improve outdoor gardening. The improvisation tips starts from planting a tree to maintaining after plantation.

  • Select location for the plantation that should be free of power lines. Location should be provided with the adequate sunlight and air. Selection of location should meet the requirements of the tree to be planted.
  • Prepare the site where you are going to plant a tree by removing the existing plants from that site. Break up if any soil clods.
  • Moisten the tree’s roots and then it becomes ready for planting.
  • Dig the hole where you are going to plant a tree and place the tree. Pour the soil around the roots of the tree so that roots does not expose out.
  • Then your tree is in your outdoor garden and water the plant. Check the plant regularly.Miniature Gardening

Improvisation tips for outdoor gardening
After planting a tree you need to maintain your tree for better growth. Here are the improvisation tips which will help you to make the tree to grow better.

  • After gardening, soil will stuck to the gardening tools. It is difficult to remove. So these can be cleared by rubbing tools with wax. Wax also prevent those from rusting.
  • It is difficult to carry long handled gardening tools with hand throughout the gardening. Use old bags to carry all the long handled tools to and from gardening.
  • Use basket or bucket to carry hand held tools. So that your gardening can be done easily.miniature garden
  • When you are gardening, there is so much of wastes such as debris, weeds etc. It is difficult to throw them in compost every time. Use one waste bag to collect all of them and throw them in compost when the bag is full.
  • Use fertilizers and nutrients as mulch rather than buying and spread a layer of mulch over the soil. It improve the water retaining power of soil and prevents weeds from sprouting. This makes us to water and weed the tree less often.
  • Proper spacing should be maintained between the plants. If you want to plant bulbs then dig individual holes and place the each bulb in each hole and fill each with the soil around the bulb. Make sure that proper spacing should be maintained between the plants.

These improvisation tips helps you to make a better outdoor garden in your home.