Indoor Gardening and Floor Maintenance

Miniature GardeningAre you an indoor home gardener and worried about the flooring and its maintenance? Never bother about it, because we are there here to solve your problem with this article. Many people love indoor gardening but their major concern is their floor or countertops where they place the plants may be damaged when they keep them permanently because of watering or soil strains. Therefore, here are few tips through which you can keep your floor clean, neat and long lasting.

Tips for floor stone maintenance

  • If you place natural plants on the ground flooring of your home were you water regularly may leave strains due to over watering or the soil may come out of the pot. Therefore, you should clean the floor regularly.
  • Sand, soil etc. may damage the natural stone so; mop it with clean and dry cloth.
  • You can also take help of vacuum cleaner for removing the minute dust over the floor.
  • Rinse the flooring thoroughly with soft cloth and with the good type of cleaners for your floor.Fairy garden
  • Do not use the products that cause damage to the floor and avoid using the products that contain lemon juice, vinegar etc. if you have the flooring done with the marble, travertine or limestone.
  • Do not use the bathroom or bathtub cleaners on your floor, as they may be too acidic and damages the floor up on the spill.
  • Clean the floor as soon as you spray the cleaner over the floor as some liquids may leave the mark.
  • Choose the cleaners based on the type of the stone you are having and make sure that they do not cause any damage to the stone.
  • Clean the floor only with the soft broom or cloth so that it will not leave the scratches on the floor.
  • Use fresh and clean water for cleaning and change the water time to time.miniature garden

This regular maintenance keeps your stone long lasting without any damage that may happen with the plants that are placed in your indoor. Apart from this, you should also take care in choosing the stones and countertops for placing your miniatures and plants. The stones that are durable, strain free are the best choice for your indoor gardening because; stains are come when you perform gardening. Other best way is place the stones like concrete, slate stones on the floor and then place the miniature pot over there. This protects your floor without causing damage. These are few tips that keep your floor clean and durable for your indoor gardening.