Symptoms of Bad Fuel Injector

How to identify the symptoms of a bad fuel injector? Read the article to know some of the symptoms of bad fuel injector.

Clogged fuel injector
Injectors usually clog when the foreign objects invade your injector and you can identify them in the form of rust. This situation arises due to the upstream in the gasoline supply. This makes the car idle and can’t maintain for long time. The injector know can’t supply gasoline to the manifold.

Dirty fuel injectorfuel pump repair
Once it is clogged the fuel intake is not done which forms residue over the injector. This leads to burning and forming crust. This leads to weak and uneven pattern of spray.

Abrupt engine power
With the coagulation of the injector the fuel intake is less and the engine will suffer with fluctuations in RPMs which causes the power in chunk instead of being smooth.

Misfire engine
As the injector is suffering with the coagulation it may completely miss out to supply fuel through which the engine doesn’t perform well and leads to misfire while driving. This is very serious symptom and need to rectified soon.

Leaks in the injector
The damage that happens to the exterior part of the injector which is placed on intake manifold causes the leaks in the injector. You can identify it quickly and rectify the problem.

Unable to open or close the injector
Due to the rust on the injector or due to the faulty windings the injector can’t open. If the winding is overheat, break the valve of the injector. The same problem may also lead to not closing the valve of the furl injector. If it is unable to close then there is a chance of leakage in the gasoline.

Rough engine idle
Damage in the injector effects the engine running rough and also irregular due to the abrupt fuel supply.

Reduction in gas mileage
Finally, damaged or broken fuel injector will lead to leaks or more intake of fuel and this causes engine with poor running and reduces the mileage of the gas.

These are a few ways to detect symptoms of car fuel injector. Once you detect the problems either replace them or get it repaired.