Nutrition for Good Health

Malnutrition is the topic that worrying most people. It is a fact that more than half of the population around the world is suffering from malnutrition.

The reasons are poverty, lack of knowledge about what to eat, health problems that originate due to malnutrition.

In this article, we will tell you about what the essential nutrients are that your body needs to stay healthy.


  • These are the micronutreints required in low amounts by the body daily. Though quantity is less, effects on health are vast. People who do not take food that has vitamins face deficiency of vitamins that lead to many discomforts. Children with vitamin deficiency face problems like blurd vision, weak bones, anemia, inability to digest food, constipation, scaly skin and others.
  • Vitamins are very important for growth and development irrespective of age. We may not get enough vitamins only through food, supplements are recommended by doctors to avoid vitamin deficiency specially for children.
  • Some of the vitamins are essential even in one’s late 50’s, they are required in higher amounts in comparison to maintain healthy bones and skin. Vitamin D come into this category.
  • Include dark and green vegetables,fresh fruits in your diet to have more vitamins.


  • Proteins are the building blocks of body. They are therefore, essential for the body throughout life. They form the major nutrients. Without proteins, body cannot sustain as they have key role in various metabolisms that take place inside the body.
  • Every part of body has proteins that have different role in different parts. They are important for maintaining healthy skin, hair, cells in the body.
  • They carry food to various cells. They regulate metabolic activities. Important for heart and other muscles to carry out their function well.
  • Proteins have significance at genetic level, any disturbance can cause discomforts or changes at gene level.
  • Proteins are available in high quantities in foods of animal origin to that of plant. Egg is a good source of protein. Apart from egg, soybeans, milk, fish, meat, tofu, yoghurt, beans, almonds, peanuts also contain protein.

Good fats

  • There is a myth that fats bring bad health, but the fact is that they are very important for the body and play key role in producing hormones, maintaining constant temperature and various other processes.
  • Fats are of two types namely good fats (unsaturated fats) and bad fats (saturated and trans fats). Good fats improve health and bad fats will lead to health issues.
  • Choose foods that contain low amounts of bad fats and rich in good fats to maintain heart’s health.
  • Good fats will maintain good heart, reduces weight, decrease bad cholesterol.


  • Minerals contribute to micronutrients for the body. Most of the time they function with vitamins and promote good health. Like vitamins, their deficiency is reflected in almost all parts of world specially in developing countries.
  • Minerals are important for bones, tissues, healthy teeth and healthy body.
  • Each mineral may be required in high or low amounts. For example, the body needs iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorous in more quantities compared to others.
  • Have food that has minerals which will make up to daily intake. Mineral supplements also help to overcome mineral deficiency in all ages.
  • Good food promotes good health. Pay attention on diet you take, and stay healthy. Seek advice from professionals if needed.