Extended Car Warranties and Their Benefits

Extended car warranties are purchased by customers when their car warranty time is finished over time from the third party. This is not provided by the car manufacturers directly, instead you need to purchase it from them once the time is over or else you can also buy it from third-party provider.

Extended car warranties include roadside service, travel interruption, wear and tear coverage, rental car reimbursement, electronic equipment coverage, etc., that will benefit you on the type of warranty you have chosen. These are the two types of extended car warranties. The first one that comes from the car manufacturer from were you have purchased the car and the second is from the third-party which can be from any location. Some of the car warranties that can be extended are listed below.

Extended warranties

  • Basic warranty: It is the warranty given by the manufacturer of the car so, it is also known as manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty mostly comes when you buy the new car and it covers the components which might break-down in early stages of the car purchase. This warranty can be extended once the period of warranty is over. It doesn’t cover the parts like tier, battery, etc. So, check with the factors that basic warranty will cover and purchase them. But, this is one of the expensive warranty.
  • Stated component coverage: It is an extended warranty that covers the major components. You can get the list of components that are covered under this in the contract paper. Some will cover all the major components and some will cover only few. So, see to it carefully and then buy the warranty. Stated component coverage will benefit vehicles that are under mid-mileage.
  • Powertrain coverage: Powertrain means the mechanical components which produce the kinetic energy. This will extend the warranties to some parts of the car. This warranty is very helpful for the high and mid-mileage vehicles. The powertrain coverage usually include engine, drive axles, etc. This also covers some additional parts like air conditioner, starter, etc. It covers the double duration of the basic warranty.

These are the three extended car warranties that are necessary for a car and are more expensive when compared to other types of extended warranties. These warranties usually cover more components of the car so, choosing this type of warranties will benefit you. There are also some other types of warranties that will cover more parts of the car like bumper-to-bumper. The only thing you need to check when you are choosing extended car warranties is the type of warranty and the components covered under it. See, which components that you really need and choose the type of the coverage, this will benefit you and your car.