What is Website Monitoring and Why is it Needed?

Website monitoring
Website monitoring is monitoring a website up time, performance, and also the functionality. It can be done by your own or with the help of a website monitoring company. It is also checking whether end user is able to reach your expectations in interacting with your website or web application.

If you have a multiple websites that you can’t monitor all then it is better to handle this duty to a website monitoring company or use some software’s that are available to monitor your site.

Reasons for website monitoring
Website monitoring is important for the following benefits or reasons.

  • website monitoring serviceIt is mainly for detecting the problems and making you to know the down time of your website. This is the major factor that you must know as a owner of a website. It is you or your website monitoring company detects it and tell you about the problem to rectify it.
  • To prevent the losses that may occur due to downtime of a website. Studies say that in 2007 amazon had a loss of $3.48 millions for their site down time for 2 hours. This is how it is a major factor for a website. Website monitoring prevents this problem.
  • If you frequently monitor your website you can avoid the problems like hacking quickly. If your website is hacked by some one, it becomes easy to detect the problem as soon as possible and take necessary precautions to get rid of the problem.
  • It will make sure that your website speed is high and have no down time issues. So, this will help the site to have good rankings in the search results.
  • Gives your visitor or customer a good experience. And make them to stay in your web page for long time. Good speed results in good results for your website.
  • It will help you prevent loss of money with down time of your website by giving you time to time warnings.
  • It avoids the penalizing by Google for down time of your website.
  • Web site monitoring protects your website image and brand.

Website monitoring avoids this preventable hazards and keeps your site live. You can monitor your website without the help of website monitoring company by installing some software like ping monitor, HHTP and FTP motors, etc. With the help of this, you can have the updates of your website like down time.