Types of Lawyers and Cases They Handle

Lawyers are of different types for different cases. The case demands the lawyer. Types of lawyers in the judiciary are described under. Go through Legal billing softwarethem for reference that will help you know the lawyer and there duties.

Types of lawyers and their cases include the following

    • Bankruptcy lawyer:

Bankruptcy lawyers will help the personal or corporate bankruptcy. These are the attorneys only focus on the bankruptcy rather than the other fields of the law. They help the bankruptcy by asking the law for some time period to help their clients.

    • Corporate or business law attorney:

These are the lawyers that works for the business or corporate people. They draft the contracts and also assist the business by working with the owner of the company and develops a succession plan for the companies growth. They help in overall development of the business without legal proceedings.

    • Civil rights attorney:

These lawyers strive for the civil rights of the individual or the person. They will assist the cases like voter discrimination, racial and other types of discrimination. These lawyers also assist the violation of acts of the government.

    • Government lawyer:

Government lawyer works as a part of the government. He/she assist the problems like harassment cases, death which is wrongful etc

    • Criminal defense lawyer:

This lawyer works for the criminal cases. They help their clients in solving the criminal issues from small injuries to murder. Lawyers may vary based on the degree of the case. They deal with accidents, DUI and DWI cases etc.

    • Employment lawyer:

These lawyers here assist the cases like harassment cases in workplace, wrongful termination of the employees, compensation for the workers etc. They fight for the rights of the employees.

    • Family and divorce lawyer:

These lawyers deals with divorce and family cases. Some of them are child custody, child support, adoption, divorce etc.

    • Private practice lawyer:

private practice lawyers are those lawyers which do private practice. These lawyers mainly deal with the cases like commercial cases, malpractice suits, civil litigation suits, divorce and child custody etc. They work alone in their office and will practice the general law in order to have broad range of clients.

    • Property/real estate lawyer:

These lawyers deal the cases which are related to property or real estate. They will review all the litigation’s and documents related to property or real estate and will make legal proceedings and also gives suggestions to the clients up on there request.

    • Public interest lawyer:

These lawyers provide services to the public interest. They offer individual legal services to their clients. Some of the cases the public interest attorney deals are administrative advocacy, legal writing, professor law, community service and out reach etc.