Bruxism – Teeth Grinding Solutions

Bruxism is a medical term for teeth grinding. Teeth grinding means grinding or clenching the teeth. If teeth grinding is done occasionally it does not damage the teeth, but if done regularly some complications may arise. Teeth grinding is caused when people are feeling stressed out or when they are in sleep. Bruxism is generally seen in kids.

Teeth grinding can be identified by the following ways:

  • When people use tooth wears
  • While having tooth fractures
  • Inflammation
  • While in sleep
  • Headache
  • A sensation of burning on the tongue
  • Cracked enamel portion
  • Having sensitive teeth that are sensitive to temperature


Effects of teeth-grinding:

  • Teeth grinding may result in fractures in the teeth
  • Loss of teeth
  • Wear and tear of teeth

Bruxism treatment and precautions:
Dentist may suggest you the following treatments:

1. Exercise regularly
2. Stress relief or stress management therapy
3. Medication for muscle relaxation
4. Techniques for relaxation that may help you avoid stress

If you are having any damage in the teeth, the dentist will repair it by checking the problem. He may also give you some night wears to avoid grinding your teeth. This may temporarily stop the habit, but there are also other treatments for teeth grinding as stated below:

Tips to avoid teeth grinding:

  • Use a dentist recommended night guard
  • Remember not to grind your teeth
  • Try to get rid of stress
  • Go to the psychiatrist who will teach coping skills
  • If your kid is having this problem teach them these tips and watch them regularly if he or she is having bruxism again. If they don’t listen to you it is better to take them to a dentist.

Try to follow the above mentioned tips to get rid of teeth grinding. If the problem is not resolving better to visit a dentist for treatment.