Abusing Alcohol or Drugs? Know What All You Will Lose

Many people experiment with drugs for different reasons. Some try it out of curiosity, to have a good time, many because of peer pressure, or to ease another problems, such as stress, anxiety, or depression, or in an effort to improve athletic performance.

Irrespective of the amount you are consuming, if this habit is causing problems in health, at work, home, or in relationships, you are likely to have a drug abuse or addiction problem. Following are the things which will let you know what all will you lose while abusing either alcohol or drugs.

Physical health: Drug abuse impairs the physiology of all the major and minor organs of a human body. It alters the functioning of all the parts, starting from brain, heart, to the lungs, liver and so on. Every drug in any amount will show its own adverse effects on the body. However, wide spread use results in serious health complications which may lead to fatality.

Mental peace: When a person becomes psychologically addicted, the casual desire for drugs becomes powerful compulsion. As a result, person becomes completely dependent on drugs and becomes impatient when drugs are not available. Especially, the drugs which are used in party raves and clubs, like marijuana and ecstasy, often cause psychological addiction, which creates craving in those who use them. This makes the person mentally unstable and hence results in lack of peace.

Career: Drug abuse results in lack of concentration, mental stability, decision making skills and develops confused, disorderly lifestyle and physically abusive behavior. Since these characteristics are found to be totally unproductive to an organization and may cause mishaps at work place, organizations are conducting drug testing on the applicants before offering job and also on the employees already existing. Any applicant or employees found positive for drug abusing are not given a chance to be associated with the organization, thus affecting the career of a drug abuser.

Respect from the family and society: Drug abuser are disrespected by their family, followed by the surrounding society due to their problematic behavior and unhealthy lifestyle. People are even disgraceful to the so popular celebrities if found that they are abusing drugs. Any drug abuser is not welcomed in to the family or society as they may influence others with their behavior.

Financial status: Addiction is expensive. Most people do not realize the cost of addiction. This habit drains away the finances. With the advancement of stages of addiction, the expenses rise. The expenses are not just limited to purchasing the substance, further they are also associated with absenteeism from work, increased risk of illness, legal bills due to arrest warrants, increases medical and legal expenses and so on which finally make the person financially unstable.

Life in case of severe addiction: The death rate among drug addicted people is increasing every year. The stats on drug death rate are alarming and can be considered as fact sheets to demonstrate the consequences of addiction. Drug addicts addicts will have a shorter life span, when compared to others and will lead a dreadful life almost everyday. Drug addiction is like a slow poison which kills the people when abused severely.

It’s not wise to give up life for childhood ignorance and teenage experiments. Try comparing the pros and cons you are experiencing due to these unhealthy habits. Realizing the fact that your life is at threat is the only way to stay away from drug abuse.