How to Create a Vintage Look for Your Home?

Vintage-StyleYou like to decorate your home to get a vintage look, don’t you? There are many people like you who still want to decorate house with antiques. You can do this in different ways of vintage style. Creating a vintage style can turn a house in to a home that is warm.

Following are tips for creating vintage style for your home.

Creating a vintage style for bedroom: Spread rose petal quilt or comforter on bed. To give a vintage style to pillows add crochet to decorate them. Historical dolls can be displayed on the window and some dry rose flowers can be placed in mini water jugs. Install a vintage style flooring. Add tassels to the lamp shades to give a vintage look.

Creating vintage style for living room: Changing cover of the sofa or chairs or put slip covers that gives an antique look. Use calico prints with floral motifs. Pale should be chosen for covers as vintage style means faded colors like pale blue, pale pink etc. Maximize use of wooden furniture as nothing can give more classical look as wood does.

Restoring old furniture: One can give a classic or vintage makeover to the home by restoring old furniture. Old wooden coffee table would be the great choice in creating a vintage look. Similarly, old chandelier can be painted with antique or rust color.

Choose vintage wallpaper: When giving the theme of the room a vintage style, it is important that the color of the wall should match with theme. Playing with colors is a good idea when creating a vintage look. Colors such as pale pink, egg blue, mint etc are related with past period. You can also go for wallpaper that has a vintage look. Wallpaper that has floral can help you create a vintage style. This gives you a cozy atmosphere.

Solid wood floors: Solid floors can be an authentic feature for vintage style. They can be used with any wall color or wallpaper. Investing for solid wood floors is clever idea as they are durable and last for years. They are inexpensive and look much beautiful than other type of flooring.

Displaying history: Displaying history is a good idea of creating vintage look. Hanging photos of family members especially great grand fathers can give a vintage feeling. Black and white family photos that occupy a wall is a great idea making the place a vintage style.