The Advantages of Slate Flooring for Kitchens

Slate is metamorphic rock which is derived form the sedimentary rock. It is a converted material which is used for flooring and countertops mostly for kitchen. Using slate will offer many benefits. It is also used in making benches for garden, roofing and is mostly seen in traditional works. It is one of the strongest stone and is also more durable when taken proper care. Slate is available in various patterns and colors. It has many advantages and few disadvantages that are stated below.

Strong and resistant
Slate countertops are more resistant to heat and stains. Resistance is one of the factor that makes it durable. Small scratches on the slate can be easily removed using polymers and also deeper scratches can be removed with the help of steel wool pad. So, it is more stronger than other stones available in the market.

Slate won’t easily chip or crack and it is also resistant as stated above. So, people who want to use this slate for flooring and countertops can use them without any fear with the durability factor. Natural slate lasts for several hundred years even with little maintenance.

Easy maintenance
As it is stain resistant and also more durable it doesn’t need regular maintenance. Even with little or no maintenance it lasts for years. But, only thing that needs some maintenance is it may invade germs or bacteria. So, better clean them, this will also give your floor or kitchen countertops a shining look for some time. Cleaning slate countertops is easy.

Slate is available in a variety of earth colors like, grey, red, green, etc. Pure black slate is more expensive as it is rarely available. So, you don’t have to worry about the availability of the material if you want the normal available colors.

Cost effective
Slate stones are cost effective when compared to its competitive materials like marble and granite. It usually costs very less apart from the rarely available colors. So, if you are looking for the low budget durable stone you can opt for slate.

Finally we can say that slate is affordable, durable and also resistant. These are some of the advantages of slate that makes your kitchen aesthetic with its features.