All You Need to Know About Drug Testing Kits and Drug Testing at Workplace

  • What is drug testing? Drug testing is the process of testing the biological specimen to detect the presence or absence of drug and drug metabolites in an individual.
  • What can a drug testing kit detects? It screens the commonly abused drugs like cocaine, alcohol,amphetamine, methamphetamine, barbiturates, benzodiazepine, marijuana, opiates, phencyclidine, etc.
  • Types of drug tests: Tests are conducted by taking the specimens from the body of the person to detect the evidence of drug use. The common specimens that used to detect the drugs use are urine, saliva, blood, sweat, hair and breath.
    • Urine test: This test helps to detect the presence or absence of drug metabolites in the person’s urine.
    • Breath test: This is the most commonly used test to detect the level of alcohol in the blood at the time the test was taken. Here person has to blow into the breath-alcohol device to know how much alcohol is currently present in his/her blood.
    • Saliva test: In this test, saliva is taken to detect the traces of drug (marijuana, cocaine and amphetamines) or alcohol. This test is applicable to detect the current drug use. Because drugs doesn’t remain in saliva for a long time unlike urine.
    • Sweat patch test: This test is non-invasive and easy application. It is used to measure the drug in sweat. In this test, a patch looks like large adhesive bandage is worn to the skin for a period of time.
    • Hair test: This is the most effective way to evaluate long-term patterns of drug use. It detects the patterns of repetitive drug use. It is the best option for per-employment testing and random-testing program.
  • Why employers should implement drug testing at workplace?
    • To provides safety and healthy work environment.
    • To prevent hiring candidates who take illegal drugs and alcohol.
    • To comply with the state laws and federal regulations.
    • To protect the employees morale and productivity.
    • To avoid the additional costs like health care claims.
    • To prevent absenteeism.
    • To reduce workers compensation.
    • To reduce workplace accidents.
    • For better recruitment.
    • To protect from liability issues.
    • To reduce employee turnover.
  • Types of drug testing and when it should be done
    • Pre-employment testing – This type of testing should be done at the time of hiring the potential applicants before offering the job. This reduces the risk of hiring someone who is currently a drug abuser.
    • Random testing – This type of testing should be done at random intervals without prior notice to the employees. This discourages the employees in taking drugs.
    • Post-incident tests – Testing the employees who have undergone an accident to find out the reason behind the accident.

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