How to Buy a Car?

Buying a car is not an easy task whether it is for the first time or not. You should have certain knowledge and information about cars before buying.

It is a sensible idea to list things that you need to consider before purchasing especially when trying to buy an expensive car. This involves its appearance, size, reliability, comfort, fuel efficiency, price, resale value, mileage, etc.

Points to be considered while buying a car

Consider six points while buying a car:
1) Kind of car you need: Decide what kind of car you need. You may like:

  • Convertible/coupe: These are the most expensive designs and can be converted from roof mode to open air mode. It can be operated automatically or manually. Most of these cars are two doors model thereby restricting back seat access that limits space. It is suitable for couples.
  • Sedan: If there are children in the family, there is a requirement of a four door car. Sedan is a type of family car. It is best suited for families where there are kids.
  • Space wagon: These vehicles can accommodate many passengers, and can carry luggage. It has access at back from fifth door. It is suitable for large families.
  • Minivan: Minivans can be practical for large families and for those who prefer to be practical. Minivans are mostly used by schools to transport children and can be of great comfort.

Before trying to buy a car, decide on what type of car you desire thereby making car buying easy.

2) Size of the car you need: It is not that larger vehicles are safer than small ones. Small vehicles are lighter and can be better steering from crash. Moreover, small cars are less expensive to purchase and are fuel efficient. Cars that are small need not to be small inside. It can be spacious that you never thought of from its size. Ultimately the size of the car you are choosing depends on the size of the family.

3) Budget: Consider your budget first when deciding to buy a car. The car that falls in your budget should be chosen. Also, if you are buying a car on installment, the amount of EMI that is paid monthly should be considered and easily paid off.

4) Research on Internet: Once the budget and the type of car you need is decided, it is important for you to research on internet before visiting the car dealer. Log on to the manufacturers websites to know about the options for the car model you are looking for, checking the price and do make a call to dealer before visiting him in order to ensure the model and the make of car that you were looking for.

5) Test drive: Make sure that you test drive the car you are selecting. Test driving of a car is done for many reasons but comfort should be the first priority. A test drive should qualify the following :

  • See that in each mirror, the view is clear and acceptable.
  • It should be quiet and smooth.
  • See that the car is responding when the brakes or accelerators are pushed.
  • Make sure that everything is simple and easy to use.

6) Get everything in written: If anything is promised by the dealer, it is better to ask them to give it in a written form. If they are refusing to do so, the car should not be purchased from them. This is done because sometime they fail to make delivery according to the promise made by them. This common with the dealers as they soon forget about the dealing which was done with you as hundreds of cars are sold by them.

Considering these points before buying a car helps you buy one easily.