What is a Computer Software and How Does it Increase the Productivity of an Organization?

With the advancement of technology in the present world, it is becoming a need for organizations or businesses to upgrade with the latest technologies that are developing every day as to increase accuracy and reduce the time and effort on performing the task.

One such technology is computer software, it reduces human efforts, saves time and increases organizational efficiency.

Computer Software
Computer software is a computer program or a set of instructions that are designed to store or install in a computer to perform various tasks. There are many types of software’s that performs various operations.

Computer software takes data from the user or uses the stored data to operate and produce the output to the user.

Benefits of using computer software
1. Helps computer to start and work
Software is the most important thing in a computer that actually helps it start, and work. Computer cannot work without a software. The basic thing that a computer needs to start is an operating system, which is a software (specifically called system software). Can you imagine a computer without an operating system? I guess, no.

When the computer starts it does not perform any task on its own. For most of the operations, computers need software to accomplish the task assigned.

2. Performs various operations accurately and quickly
Software helps organizations to increase their productivity, efficiency and saves a lot of time and money. They perform complex tasks and calculations accurately and quickly.

For example, productive software like office suites will perform word processing, calculations and presentation slides easily and quickly. Measuring sales, costs and profits can be done accurately by using some accounting software. Sharing information, images, documents and videos securely is possible with email software.

Likewise, many operations can be performed accurately and quickly by using different types of software.

3. Enables communication and collaboration
For organizations and businesses, communication and sharing of information is the most regular and important activity that increases their productivity. Many software are available that enables communication and collaboration among the staff, customers, partners, etc., to share information or data.

4. Coordinates hardware
Computer consists of different parts. While some work with the physical connectivity, some need software to connect and work. For example, a printer should install its suite or software in the computer to connect and to take print out. For this, software is compulsory. Likewise, some hardware components cannot be connected to the computer or coordinated with other devices without a software.

Therefore, by installing different types of software, organizations or businesses will be benefited in many ways and most importantly it increases their productivity and profits.